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AMRT.NET  is dedicated to facilitating adoption of shelter and rescue pets in the Southern California area.  We believe there are a lot of pets euthanized in shelters while there are potential pet owners looking to adopt and cannot find them.   The goal of the creators of this web site is to assist potential pet owners in finding a shelter or rescued pet.



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Pets of the Week  Dec. 14 - Dec. 20  Please save one

Pointer x - LA City South LA Shelter
Impound No. a766417
Kennel No. 14                          More Photos Available
Female 2 year
Available: Wed, Dec 14

This is a GREAT little dog. She trots right up to the front to say hello and stands patiently, waiting for you to approach. She is a calm dog-doesn't leap about. She just sweetly stares at you and wags her tail as you pet her. She is on the smaller side, maybe 30 pounds? She gets along great with her kennel mates. This girl was dumped because her people moved and didn't care enough to find a place where she could live too. Instead, they dumped her at a high kill shelter just before Christmas. She seems so cute and adoptable, can anybody help her?
Please email if you can adopt or foster her to save her life!
Sweet Thang
She is 6 years old. This is one of the sweetest cats you will every met. She loves people of all types and gets along especially well with young children. She has superb green eyes, and likes when you notice them. She is very cuddly so there’s a lot more to love! Make her yours!
Domestic SH
Available NOW!
EAST Valley (L.A. City) Shelter
(888) 452-7381 (toll-free) - menu option 1, then 4, then 5
Inside line: (818) 756-9323
13131 Sherman Way  12/12/05
North Hollywood, CA
Off San Diego (405) Freeway at Sherman Way. Turn East
Open:   Tuesday, Thursday -- 8 am to 7 pm;
           Wednesday, Friday -- Saturday 8 am to 5 pm;
           Sunday -- 11 am - 5 pm


DALMATIAN LA City Harbor Shelter
Date of Imp:  9/24
Avail. Date:  9/29
3 yo - male/neutered - white/black
This boy is listed as a mix but looks like he is pure.  He is friendly and was talking up a storm.  He is in Cage #9.


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Pets described on this web site may not still be available when you contact the shelter or rescue.  All shelter pets must be spayed/neutered before adoption.

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