Naturopathy: Health is a birthright, but wellness is a personal choice.

Dr. Emerick is A unique kind of doctor. No office visit required, no invasive procedures, no diagnosing, no prescribing. Simply a thorough education on topics you are not totally familiar with... Self. Most of us are not fully aware of the subject of self. We believe we know our self but when we start looking at our self more closely, we learn a little more about our self that we never realized before.


What makes a Naturopathic practitioner? 

A degree such as PH.D, or certification such as a CNC, sets most consultants apart from laymen or shysters in the feild of herbal and nutritional health. Being experienced in the feild through proper education, assures the client that you have integrity. It is politically correct to call someone with a PH.D - "Doctor," though you should realize this type of Doctor is not your common primary care, Medical Doctor. You should not expect medical diagnosis from these consultants and you should not expect prescriptions or invsaive testing. Many people misunderstand the title of  DOCTOR.

To be a practitioner of natural health methods one should be versed in Herbal and Food as medicines. Medicines are things that help the body out of a rutt. They are typically reserved for pharmaceuticals, which are restricted to licesened Medical Practitioners. Alternative medicines refer to food and plant sources a.k.a herbal supplements. Herbal supplements are simply foods in pill form or teas, that you normally do not eat but need for cellular function.

Someone practicing herbal nutrition as a consultant needs to be aware of CELLULAR BIOLOGY if they want to effectively reach the client in educating them on why they are sick. How it happens that the cell misfired, what can be done outside of hospitalization and surgeries or prolonged use of harsh drugs used to reverse, stall or prevent more damages internally.

How is a Naturopath educated? A topic highly controversal. ONE POINT OF VIEW IS

To be licensed or non -licensed, is determined by the state where you reside. Certification is voluntary and expresses your training to the public or that you attended formal or professional education on the topic and are not "just pulling their leg".  My Naturopathic training took four years through Clayton College of Natural Health, a naturopathic school with a great long distance learning format. I am educated in most of the basic sciences for holistic and non-toxic approaches to natural therapies with a strong emphasis on disease prevention for optimizing wellness,that can and should compliment most standard medical treatments a client may be under.* It is difficult to avoid the fact that clients are being treated by conventional medicine,so in their best interest it is wise to attempt to compliment their current treatment. It is unethical to over ride their former doctor and any advice they gave to the client, but it is beneficial to assist the client in alternatives or other options available with the use of naturopathy.

The state of Pennsylvania, CURRENTLY DOES NOT REQUIRE NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIANS TO BE LICENSED. THE SAME LAW ALSO PROHIBITS NON LICENSED NATUROPATHIC PRACTITIONERS FROM DIAGNOSING, BEING INVASIVE, OR TO PRESCRIBE ANYTHING. The difference between calling yourself a physician and just a Doctor lies in this law. Physicians must be licensed in Pa., But Educators known as "Doctors of Philosophy of..." (Ph.D) are not required to be licensed.

This is what I have discovered to be so confusing for people interested in Naturopathy as a career and as a treatment plan. The medical profession has always required licensure or acknowledgement of skill. Therefore, let it be known that...

All Naturopathic Doctors are trained in, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, psychology, counseling so to encourage people to make "changes" in lifestyle and to support their personal health, in general. At least by basic standards, they should be.

Dr. Norma Emerick, Ph.D, has developed a program from such concepts,that is simply called "CHANGES"- total health management. Available in book form.

*Additional information with a different veiw point on Naturopathic physicians / Doctors and schools can be found on the internet.

CURRENTLY;Thirteen US states require licensure. They are; Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut,  Hawaii, Kansas, Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington, {US territories of Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands, and the Distict of Columbia are included}

What does Certification really mean to you?

According to the Webster college dictionary (1995) on page 222; certification is documentation of your qualifications or status. It provides evidence to the completion of a specific course. It is an authorization of facts. A privilege of knowledge. It can also apply to currency for deposit as a receipt.

To be certified is a guarantee that you are trust worthy. It is a legal voucher and a written proof, to display for the public's eye. It symbolizes that the holder has all the necessary or basic skills of knowledge required. How each individual uses this knowledge will vary. Who will certify certain knowledge, what can be certified, also varies.

More information on certifications can be found on the web.

What is Naturopath verses a Naturopathic Doctor/ What is a Naturopathic Physician verses an N.D./ What is Naturopathic Medicine? (one version is...) 

Founded upon a holistic philosophy, naturopathy combines safe and effective traditional therapies with the most current advances in modern treatments.

Naturopathy should not be referred to as medicine but commonly it is. Naturopathy is appropriate for the management of a broad range of health concerns affecting people of all ages. SAFELY.

Naturopathic Physicians / Doctors = (N.D.s) are the highest trained practitioners of "natural modalities"(key words being natural modalities).Whether they are licensed in a state or not required to be licensed, specific educatuon must be acquired.

A naturopath can be interpreted as being virtually anyone following a natural lifestyle or lives by holistic practices, even someone knowledgeable of natural remedies from home experience. However, to be a true N.D., ethics require you to have the minimum (at least four years) of Natural Health / Naturopathic College education, I.E. training.


N.D.s can be primary care and/or a special doctor of natural therapy, who address the underlying cause of disease through effective, individualized, non-prescriptive, non-diagnostic and non-invasive therapies that integrate the healing powers of body, mind and spirit.

LICENSED N.D.s are determined by the state in which they reside in and are able to provide diagnosis and prescribe both conventional medicines and natural therapies. They sometimes combine scientific research with natural recourse for the purpose of the well being of a client.

It can be assumed that the goal of all "Naturopathic practitioners" is to employ therapies that support and promote the body's homeostasis or healing ability, leading to the highest state of wellness for the person.

As professional leaders and pioneers in the science-based on natural health, naturopathic practitioners should advocate the development of professional standards, accountability and regulation of all forms of healing methods in jurisdiction with public safety and the freedom of choice for health care. Further more we should support inclusion and collaboration with equal access in the healthcare systems. * Not all naturopaths do.Not all naturopathic physicians can.

At Naturopathic Services, Dr. Emerick enforces that " WELLNESS IS A PERSONAL CHOICE" all your life.(know your choices, then choose well)


That naturopathic treatment is a distinct system of primary or secondary health care. An art, a science, a philosophy and a practice of No-medical diagnosis. A mixture of natural therapies for the prevention of illness, distinguished by the principles which underlie and determine its practice.

These principles are based upon the highly objective observation of the nature of health and cause(s) of the dysfunction. Which are continually re-examined in the light of new developements, as in new signs(symptoms) and/or upon scientific advances (iridology). To which, the methods used are consistent with these principles and chosen upon the basis of client's individual need(s).

Doctor is Latin For TEACHER. Let Dr. Emerick teach you about options of "SELF CARE".(no physical exam, *except with Iridology, will be required.)

History of Naturopathic therapies (click on for more details)

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