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Gyr­ir ElÝasson

Gyrdir Eliasson (b.1961) is one of the most interesting young writers in Iceland today. He has written ten volumes of poetry and five books of prose. His style is highly personal, a unique combination of crisp, lyrical fantasy and imaginative realism.

The Yellow House

(Gula h˙si­, stories, 2000)

The Yellow House is a collection of diverse and very well-written short stories. In some of them dream and reality blend in an effective manner, so that anything seems possible, and in others the author memorably interprets Icelandic folklore. Some of the short stories have a disquieting effect upon the reader, while others display a subtle humour. All the stories demonstrate the author's stylistic talent, and together they form an impressive and magical whole.

The Water People

(Vatnsfˇlki­, stories, 1997)

DV newspaper's Book of the Year Prize

A common feature of these stories is the world of melancholy and hope which tends to characterize Eliasson's work, where so much is at once familiar and exotic.

The Bike of Sleep

(Svefnhjˇli­, novel, 1990)

A strange dream-like narrative about a young author who spends the summer in a small community, where elements of the fantastic and everyday reality mingle in a fascinating way.

Sold to: Denmark (Rosinante/Munksgaard), Sweden (Bonniers), Norway (Oktober), Germany (Suhrkamp)


"An exceptionally well written novel and full of grace. Gyrdir Eliasson has a great sense of form and there is never a flaw in his stories. The atmosphere of melancholy and regret is palpable but there is also a sign of light-hearted humour."

Dagur newspaper