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Hawaii Office & Records
1400 Kapiolani Blvd
HI 96814

Phone and Fax
Toll Free: 888-670-9433
Phone: 808-943-9433
Fax: 808-943-9430

 American Pacwest International University      

Welcome to American Pacwest International University Online, and thank you for considering American Pacwest International University as your future university. By electing to further your higher education and professional training, you have joined a winning team. You have taken advantage of your golden opportunity what you give now will be returned down the road. Remember to keep your sights on higher achievement discipline, persistence, hard work, and long hours will lead you to academic success and a degree. Look within yourself and exert yourself with dynamic will 'power through positive thinking and persistence, and you will stretch your talents and imagination and achieve new heights of learning while attaining professional and personal success.

American Pacwest International University offre tous ses programmes dans plusieurs langues dont le français. Les résidants d'autres pays que les Etats Unis peuvent se mettre en raprort avec le Dr. Eric Heckscher pour tous renseignements.

American Pacwest International University ofrece todos sus programas en varios idiomas, incluso español. Residentes de países fuera de los Estados Unidos pueden dirigirse a Dr. Eric Heckscher, para cualquier información.

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