Regiments Introduction (Land Forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth)
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As our domain name suggests, regiments are the raison d'ĂȘtre of this web site, our goal being to catalogue essential information about every regiment. What are regiments and corps? See our Dictionary of Unit Nomenclature for definitions. The main feature of this section is:

  • Regimental pages for every regiment of the Empire and Commonwealth.  Each page contains snapshot information such as title changes and lineage, battalion service histories, battle honours, badges, lists of colonels, alliances, bibliographies, etc. as well as links to "every" known regimental page on the internet (official, historical, biographical, re-enactment, etc.).  Several features are cross-referenced to other sections of the site. For example, the battle honours for each regiment are linked to war pages which give more information about the context of the battles and their wars.  When perusing these pages for information, it is important to follow a regiment through its various mergers in order to obtain complete contextual and bibliographic information. This site is designed to help you trace the changes in designations of regiments, and the complexities of their lineages. See, for example, The York and Lancaster Regiment of the British Army. As of 2004 there are well over 2,000 such "snapshot" pages for regiments.
To aid navigation of the regimental pages, we provide several aids:
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