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Sister Cities

Since the amalgamation of Winnipeg in 1971, the City of Winnipeg began a policy that authorizes the Mayor to enter into "Sister City Agreements" with Mayors in other countries.

Winnipeg Sister Cities Agreement

The Sister Cities program is intended to foster relationships with international communities, promote respective tourism and to open the door for exchange on many economic, political, and personal levels.

Winnipeg has eleven sister cities - the most any city in Canada has; some of which are where many Winnipeggers emigrated from.

Setagaya, Tokyo - October 5, 1970
The cities of Setagaya and Winnipeg first became friends through Setagaya's children's art exchange program in 1960. The friendship grew deeper and the cities agreed to a Sister Cities relationship in October 1970.

Reykjavik, Iceland - September 7, 1971


Minneapolis, United States - January 31, 1973


Lviv, Ukraine - November 26, 1973
Winnipeg boasts over 100,000 Ukrainians, including the chair of Winnipeg's Sister City Committee, Harry Lazarenko.

Manila, Philippines - December 31, 1979
It makes sense that the Capital of the Philippines would be a sister city since Winnipeg has one of the largest Filipino communities in Canada with approximately 31,000 Filipinos (2001 Census).

Taichung, Taiwan - April 2, 1982


Kuopio, Finland - June 11, 1982


Beer-Sheva, Israel - May 15, 1984


Chengdu, China - February 24, 1988


Chinju, Korea - April 1, 1992


San Nicholas de los Garza, Mexico - July 23, 1999

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