December 28, 2005

Iron Sponge Maiden

Does anyone know the answer to Patrick’s question? If so, post it at his place.

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Not Nice

Some of you might think that this is really funny but I, for one, don’t even want to know what this will escalate to for next years Haasfest.

Via John Cole who comments that:

There is a special place in hell for ‘friends’ like this.

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December 26, 2005



Via Tegan.

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December 25, 2005

The Merry Kitties

The 92nd Carnival of the Cats is up at Watermark.

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December 24, 2005

All I Want For Christmas

Vicki's story:

And here is what Santa said to me, speaking ever so softly and near enough to my ear that his beard tickled:

"And what would you like for Christmas, my little billionaire?"

I thought 'how strange', at least in the sense that a three year old can think 'how strange' but I answered, "Santa, a bride doll, please."

And Santa responded, "Well, little B, you would be wiser to want an Operating Manual for the Spaceship Earth. It will teach you that through ephemeralization and synergetics we can waste not and want not and the worldaround will be populated by 4 billion billionaires, each able to enjoy Susie Q's fish and chips whenever they wish. You will come to understand that less is more and cooperation is the optimal survival strategy. This manual explains how selfishness is unnecessary and irrational, and war is obsolete. It explains how we can recycle both our knowledge and our materials to live ever more fulfilling lives. Wouldn't you rather have that for Christmas instead?"

I considered a minute, as much as a three year old can consider, and said, "Ummm, no thank you, Santa. I think my brother wants a spaceship but I would like a bride doll."

Read the whole story.

And then go read the Operating Manual.

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December 23, 2005

Friday Ark #66

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

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December 22, 2005

Holiday Birds

Wood Song invites you over for some fine holiday bird cheer:

Oh the weather outside is frightful..
But reading bird-blogs is so delightful..
And since we’ve no place to go..
Let It Snow, let it snow, let it snow!
at I And The Bird #13:

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Body Language

The doc was late as is the case more often than not. I worked through all the year old magazines on the side table and then started on the walls. Ahh, there's a sign I hadn't noticed before:

Ask for Help
I suppose falling to the floor unconscious would constitute asking for help.

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December 21, 2005

Confession Blogging

Maybe he was looking for a way to get caught:

An 18-year-old passenger who caused a fatal crash by pulling on the steering wheel pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter after prosecutors discovered a confession on his online blog.
Via Jane Galt.

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Lessons on the Constitution

Tony Blankley provides this lesson in today's Washington Times:

I have appeared on several radio and television shows with prominent journalists who manifest a perfect ignorance of even the most basic principles of constitutional law — even as they pronounce with self-consciously weighty judgment the unconstitutionality of the president's actions.

However, the most basic constitutional principle is that in war time, the constitutionality of government intrusion into peace time civil liberties must be proportional to the magnitude, likelihood and exigency of the threat or danger to be prevented.

Until one has measured the threat, one cannot rationally judge the constitutionality of the intrusion into civil liberties of the executive action. The president's critics simply ignore — or are oblivious to — the threat.

I just reread the constitution, it does not take long, and find no such principle stated. There is no reference to the constitution applying differently in wartime than in peacetime so when Kevin Drum asks:
But does that make sense? Is anyone really comfortable with the idea that three decades from now the president of the United States will have had wartime executive powers for nearly a continuous century?

Somehow we need to come to grips with this. There's "wartime" and then there's "wartime," and not all armed conflicts vest the president with emergency powers.

I answer that not only does it not make sense that the president should have 30 nears of wartime executive powers there is no reason, certainly none called out in the constitution, that the president should ever have any power to abrogate any part of the constitution.

Can congress enact a law that allows the president to abrogate the constitution? Well, they can do it but, again, there does not appear to be anything in the constitution that gives congress this authority so when they do so they are violating their oath to uphold the constitution and should, rightly, be tossed out of office.

Via To the People.

Update: James Joyner notes that:

...bold wartime leaders have been flouting the Constitution since at least Lincoln, with the full support of the public.
Well, this certainly does not make them worthy of respect no matter how arrogant bold they are and there is nothing about "the full support of the public" that legitimizes abrogation of the constitution without going through the steps to amend the constitution.

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Why My Google Referrels Are Down

It must be because Modulator only posted about 3 of Google's top 10 searches of 2005.

Via mister snitch!

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December 20, 2005

Will abramoff rollover?

There appears to be a good chance that abramoff will rollover on his former associates:

Jack Abramoff, the Republican lobbyist under criminal investigation, has been discussing with prosecutors a deal that would grant him a reduced sentence in exchange for testimony against former political and business associates, people with detailed knowledge of the case say.

Mr. Abramoff is believed to have extensive knowledge of what prosecutors suspect is a wider pattern of corruption among lawmakers and Congressional staff members. One participant in the case who insisted on anonymity because of the sensitivity of the negotiations described him as a "unique resource."

Other people involved in the case or who have been officially briefed on it said the talks had reached a tense phase, with each side mindful of the date Jan. 9, when Mr. Abramoff is scheduled to stand trial in Miami in a separate prosecution.

What began as a limited inquiry into $82 million of Indian casino lobbying by Mr. Abramoff and his closest partner, Michael Scanlon, has broadened into a far-reaching corruption investigation of mainly Republican lawmakers and aides suspected of accepting favors in exchange for legislative work.

It would be a good thing if this snares some dems as well. Perhaps people will begin understanding the kind of culture that evolves when you create a mob wealth transfer machine the size of the us federal government and that the smaller wealth transfer operations at the city, county and state level are simply breeding grounds for the scumsects at the federal level.

Via Raw Story.

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