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Welcome to 'The Hamster', described by the main web directories as the source of editorials, opinions, news articles and commentaries. The Hamster has existed since August 2001, and steadily evolved since then, under the stewardship of Eric Hananoki (until April 2005). It has also been called an 'outstanding example of its genre'.

The original Hamster log, part of which was once lost, is now being restored by third party volunteers, and is under permanent preservation. 

The Hamster itself can be accessed below:










Newsletter Archive

In addition to the original content, The Hamster is now the archive for a range of technical newsletters. The number of publications included will continue to increase, but at present, the following news sources are on board:

ISO 17799 - Information Security News (Coming Soon)

ITIL - IT Service management News (Coming Soon)

Computer Forensics News (Coming Soon)