USA Basketball 2005-2008 Quadrennium Committees

USA Basketball Men's Competition Committees

Senior National Team Managing Director
Jerry Colangelo

Collegiate Committee
Chair: Jim Boeheim (NCAA)
NCAA Appointees: Fran Dunphy, Tom Izzo, Ernie Kent, Tubby Smith
NABC Appointee: Bill Self
NAIA Appointee: Bob Burchard
NJCAA Appointee: Scott Schumacher
Athlete Representatives: Steve Wojciechowski, A.J. Wynder

Junior Development Committee
Chair: Don Showalter (NFHS)
AAU Appointees: William Anderson, William Brow, Rod Seaford
NFHS Appointee: Todd Butler, Eric Flannery
Athlete Representatives: Kermit Holmes, Jimmy Oliver


USA Basketball Women's Competition Committees

Senior National Team Committee
Chair (non-voting): Renee' Brown (WNBA)
NCAA Appointee: Pat Summitt
WNBA Appointees: Carol Blazejowski, Van Chancellor, Kelly Krauskopf, Roger Griffith, Seth Sulka, Penny Toler
Athlete Representatives: Jennifer Azzi, Teresa Edwards

Collegiate Committee
Chair: Sue Donohoe (NCAA)
NAIA Appointee: Julie Van Beek
NCAA Appointees: Sherri Coale, Jim Foster, Trina Patterson, Tara VanDerveer
NJCAA Appointee: Mary “Roonie” Scovel
WBCA Appointee: Wendy Larry
Athlete Representatives: Beth Cunningham, Carla McGhee

Junior Development Committee
Chair: Jill Meerman (NFHS)
AAU: Rachelle Baker, Kathy Campbell, Matthew Williams
NFHS: Rhonda Farney, Gretchen Seeley
Athlete Representatives: Jennifer Gillom, Katy Steding

USA Basketball Standing Committees

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Chair: Rod Seaford, AAU
Jim Carr, NAIA
Dawn Staley,
Athlete Representative

Committee for the Disabled
Chair: Todd Hatfield, NWBA
Bobbie Beth Scoggins, USADSF
TBD , Athlete Representative

Finance Committee
Chair: Bob Kanaby, NFHS
Jim Delany, NCAA
Grant Hill, Athlete Representative

Membership Committee
Chair: Kim Bohuny, NBA
Beth Bass, WBCA
Craig Littlepage, NCAA
Sue Bird, Athlete Representative

Officials Committee
Chair: Hank Nichols, NCAA
Stu Jackson, NBA
David Jones, 2000 Olympic Referee
Ruth Riley, Athlete Representative
Nan Sisk, 2004 Olympic Referee
Matt Steigenga, Athlete Representative
Marcy Weston, NCAA

USA Basketball Athletes Council
Chair: Scott Paddock
Jennifer Azzi
Sue Bird
Teresa Edwards
Grant Hill
Reggie Miller
Ruth Riley
Dawn Staley
Matt Steigenga

USOC Athletes Advisory Council
Scott Paddock

Dawn Staley (alternate)

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