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Networking & Networking Events

How We Do It

Networking Events

CQM Annual Event: Each year, the CQM hosts a networking event referred to simply as the "Annual Event" which is a two-day affair, complete with a dinner, awards ceremony, followed by a workshop the next day.

Other Networking Events: Each CQM Chapter sponsors its own networking events and committees, tailored to the business challenges faced by their members.

For more information on networking events in your area, please contact your local chapter:

Networking on CQMi

Another networking opportunity is CQM's members-only interactive website.
Members of the Center for Quality of Management have at their call myriad ways to participate in mutual learning. One of the most important ways, besides our Educational Programs, is through what we call Networked Learning.

Networked Learning --- user groups, study groups, and round tables.

These peer-to-peer networking round tables act as support systems for executives implementing strategic initiatives, such as reward-and-recognition programs, teamwork concepts, and TQM deployment.

User groups bring together members to implement a specific CQM methodology and share their hurdles. Study groups are pulled together by members to develop a CQM program pertinent to a specific topic or industry.

For more information on Networked Learning, including user groups, study groups, round tables, and committee meetings, please contact your local chapter.