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September 22, 2004

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Source: Site of the Day, Vreme, #196, September 23, 2004 (Direct link)

New Videogame "Rome: Total War" Recognizes Ancient Macedonian Identity

Download complete screen shot (150K)

Rome is the latest sequel of the successful strategic videogame serial Total War, perpetrated by the Creative Assembly and Activision, which started with Shogun and continued with the Medieval. Like many before and after it, Shogun combines grand strategy (what to conquer when - with interface based on the popular board game Risk) and tactics (leading a battle - based on advanced 3D engine).

A typical predecessor using this approach is the ancient game Centurion, which you can download from the DOS games site Abandonia. Microsoft's latest product of this genre, the Rise of Nations (, also emulates this approach [by adding the Risk-like part to tactics interface featured in the Age of Empires series]. But, while Microsoft--the strategic partner of the Government of Republic of Macedonia--continues the tradition of representing the ancient Macedonians as Greeks in its gaming products, Total War has deeper and more objective approach to history. That, combined with technical perfection, contributed to History Channel's commissioning of the software to recreate the battle scenes in their show "Decisive Battles."

Namely, Rome: Total War's site, besides information about the games (texts, press excerpts, screen shot galleries) features a calendar which includes an advisor (similar to Caesar II) which informs about important events on a given day. The 20th September report states:

20th September: Today marks the birthday of Alexander the Great. Although a 'Greek' to the Romans (and actually a Macedonian), Alexander was regarded as an almost-legendary hero - one worth emulating for his bravery and achievements. His heavy drinking, psychotic violence to friends and enemies alike plus his sexual tastes were conveniently ignored.

In Macedonia, all of the above mentioned games may be readily purchased in the stores of the local pirates (who don't pay VAT) only. Special ordering from abroad might prove more expensive and complicated, than going there and buying from local stores [if you're lucky enough to get a visa].

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