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George Wallace
And the Rightward Turn in Today's Politics
By Dan T. Carter - Winter 2005

In 2005, Georgia's legislature passed a law requiring all voters to have an official photo ID.
How many individuals would be disenfranchised?

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Wrong About the Right
  [From The Nation, November 7, 2005]
By Jean Hardisty and Deepak Bhargava

Many progressive donors and organizations say the Left should emulate the tactics that brought the Right to power. Only problem is that many of their ideas of that rise are incomplete and at worst misleading.
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Jean Hardisty is the Founder and President Emerita of PRA

  EC under attack

Emergency Contraception under attack again

Emergency Contraception once again awaits FDA approval. The American Medical Association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the Society for Adolescent Medicine all support nonprescription, over-the-counter status for this drug that is entirely safe for use by women and teens.
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Dominionism and the Christian Right
mobilizing resentment

right wing populism
eyes right book

Christian dominionism is in the news, and PRA has been covering the topic for over twenty years. PRA senior analyst Chip Berlet has been featured discussing dominionism in several recent news articles.

Defending Democracy and Diversity
Introduction to how the U.S. Political Right agenda is undermining human rights.

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    Particularly since the early 1970s, the political Right has successfully reframed a whole series of issues in a way that has moved federal and state governments toward an increasing level of repression; and society toward accepting more social oppression. While successfully establishing their framework the political Right has managed to hide its own role in the process. What this means is that even as the arguments of the political Right have become widely accepted, the way it actually created this situation has been overlooked. Many "average Americans," mainly middle class Whites, now simply accept arguments for repressive measures and oppressive systems as "common sense."

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