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2.The Causes
of Chronic Degenerative Disease

3. Pleomorphism

4. Monomorphism

5. History of the Debate

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7. Latent Acidosis

8. How We Become Acid

9. The Symptoms
of Being Acid

10. Testing
Urine and Saliva

11. The Treatment
of Being Acid

12. Metabolic Typing

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Acid Base Balance and Heart Disease

The body of an acid person is a hotbed for disease-the body has to take calcium from the nearest source and begin to strip it from the arterial walls. The missing calcium is replaced by cholesterol (always present in the body), which is highly resistant to acids.

The so-called "hardening of the arteries" is a misnomer for the replacement of calcium by cholesterol (that and the plaque from trans fats). This cholesterol hardens and renders the blood vessels brittle. Compounded with today's over-processed food and incorrect food combining, we fill our bodies up with 80 to 90% acid forming food and drinks and overeating that causes the stool to remain too long in the colon where it putrefies. This decay, an anaerobic process without the presence of oxygen, stimulates the formation of numerous gaseous hydrogen compounds such as: hydrogen sulfide, hydrocarbon, hydro-phosphorus, and hydrochloride. If these gases are not released, they combine with body liquids to form acids such as sulfuric acids, carbonic acids, nitric acid, phosphoric acids, and hydrochloric acids.

When the body is in this state it contains these numerous harmful acids, which affect the cells, organs, glands and body functions. In order to prevent the harmful effect of these acids, the body works to expel them through the urine and the skin. When the body is unable to rid of all the acids by this means, it prevents them from circulating through the system by extracting minerals and trace minerals and combining them with the remaining acids into salts, which can not be easily dissolved. These salts are deposited away from the neck and under the scalp, resulting in cellulite, kidney and gall stones. These hardened salt crystals harbored under the skin are the cause of the pain associated with headaches, neuralgia, rheumatism and arthritis.

Long term acidity is a critical step in the chain of disease. Dr. Kern, the German heart specialist, was first to discover that heart infarct is caused by over acidity – when the pH of the heart is at or below 6.4, the red blood cells become inflexible and unable to deform sufficiently to pass through the narrow capillaries, thus causing blockage.

One more thing, the older we get, the more acid we become and thus we have to work harder at staying alkaline or in balance. 6.8 pH of both the urine and saliva is in balance.

Once again, pH is EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Start with Base Powder, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, cut down on eggs and all dairy products...protein and excessive carbohydrates, exercise more, i.e. Whatever it takes!!!!!!!!!

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