29 December 2005

Write Your Own Caption - #393


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28 December 2005

New Orleans - A Snapshot Before Katrina

Gambit, the Big Easy's alt-weekly, was just about to distribute their annual "Best of New Orleans" when Katrina hit. Unavailable until now, the issue provides a final snapshot of what was best about the city before the storm.

As anybody who's lived in a area with a cool alt-weekly "Best Of" knows, this would've been the local Bible to finding the city's best beignets, the coolest jazz clubs and the most innovative Cajun cuisine. Sadly, many of the profiled businesses in this issue won't be back.

Due to overwhelming demand, Gambit Weekly is selling this "time capsule" issue for $10 a pop. "All proceeds benefit The Foundation for Entertainment Development and Education, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created in 1990 to fund projects and programs that acknowledge the profound importance of the performing arts to the culture and economy of the New Orleans area. "

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Aloha, Mr. Hand

This year, the Librarian of Congress has chosen the following works --based on their "cultural, historic, or aesthetic significance"-- for addition to the National Film Registry:

1. "Baby Face" (1933)
2. "The Buffalo Creek Flood: An Act of Man" (1975)
3. "The Cameraman" (1928)
4. "Commandment Keeper Church, Beaufort South Carolina, May 1940" (1940)
5. "Cool Hand Luke" (1967)
6. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (1982)
7. "The French Connection" (1971)
8. "Giant" (1956)
9. "H2O" (1929)
10. "Hands Up" (1926)
11. "Hoop Dreams" (1994)
12. "House of Usher" (1960)
13. "Imitation of Life" (1934)
14. "Jeffries-Johnson World's Championship Boxing Contest" (1910)
15. "Making of an American" (1920)
16. "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947)
17. "Mom and Dad" (1944)
18. "The Music Man" (1962)
19. "Power of the Press" (1928)
20. "A Raisin in the Sun" (1961)
21. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975)
22. "San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, April 18, 1906" (1906)
23. "The Sting" (1973)
24. "A Time for Burning" (1966)
25. "Toy Story" (1995)

I know there's an important reason why we need to preserve, for the space aliens who'll be visiting us 200 years from now, Big Brad's masturbation scene as well as several Spicolli-isms. But I'm not seeing it.

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27 December 2005

Write Your Own Caption - #391


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I've decided that the easiest way to get used to sewing again (I haven't used a sewing machine in a couple of decades) is to make a quilt as there are no pesky buttonholes, zippers, elastic, etc. to deal with.

Should I make an Irish Chain or a Log Cabin quilt?

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26 December 2005

Write Your Own Caption - #390


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My lovely inlaws sent me a cool set of Rachel Ray-branded Japanese knives and a sewing machine that sports 63 stitch functions. As such, I've spent most of the day cutting things and searching the Net for sewing classes and fabric stores. Most sewing classes I've found in my area are held on weekdays. So now I'm on the hunt for a good resource book or a DVD with lessons on it. If you've got any suggestions, that'd be great.

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24 December 2005

Pray for Sex

No credence whatever is to be given to the opinion ...that the demons act as messengers and interpreters between the gods and men to carry all petitions from us to the gods, and to bring back to us the help of the gods. On the contrary, we must believe them to be spirits most eager to inflict harm, utterly alien from righteousness, swollen with pride, pale with envy, subtle in deceit ...
--Augustine, The City of God, VII, 22

That Heresies should arise, we have the prophesie of Christ; but that old ones should be abolished, we hold no prediction.
--Thomas Browne, Religio Medici I, 8  (1642)

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Seven Times Seven

Here's a little data the Feds can add to my file, courtesy of corturnix.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die

  1. Eat nothing but ice cream for three weeks. In Rome.
  2. Trek around Machu Pichu
  3. Finish writing a novel
  4. Win the Powerball
  5. Surf Australia
  6. Disneyland Hong Kong! [Sadly, the only Disney themepark I haven't been to.]
  7. Finish knitting a sweater by myself

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23 December 2005

Write Your Own Caption - #388


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For Your Christmas Holiday Reading Pleasure

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Friday Random Ten - I Still Don't Know Who He Thinks I Am Edition

  1. Never Get Ahead - Bobby Conn
  2. Yodel 1 - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  3. Imploración (bolero ranchero) - Los Lobos
  4. Silk Pajamas - Thomas Dolby
  5. We Are Each Other - The Beautiful South
  6. Hell Yes - Beck
  7. Perfect Skin - Lloyd Cole & the Commotions
  8. Deck the Hall - Cuba L.A.
  9. Dollar Bill - Screaming Trees
  10. When I Go - Minimal Compact

Bonus Christmas Story
On our very first Christmas together, my husband gave me this:

and ....

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22 December 2005

2006 Reading List

Yes, I'm doing it again and I'm already starting to compile a list of books. However, I could always use some input from the sage crowd that populates Rox Populi. If you've got recommendations, leave them in the comments section below. Be sure to check out my 2005 list as well as my "working" 2006 list to get a feel for the subject areas and type of works I'm interested in.

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Write Your Own Caption - #387


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21 December 2005

Man, You Know Your Shit's All Fuck'd Up If ...

...Vox Day is to the left of you.

This little ditty, which I stole from Lauren, goes out to all those wise punditators of the Parrotsphere.

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Maybe You Should Think Twice About Calling for Impeachment

While I would like nothing more than to see the Incompentence Presidency end sooner than later, I think setting things up so that Rice can run as an incumbent in '08 ain't the smartest strategy. Just saying ...

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Write Your Own Caption - #386


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Reader, Reveal Thyself

Looking over my logs, it seems there are alot of lurkers in the Rox Populi community. Someone at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), for example, googles "Rox Populi" just about every day. There's someone in Gainesville, Florida who spends alot of time here. Kinja subscriber "Rosebud" --I'm pretty certain I know who you are (cuz I know where you live). How come you never say hello?

Today is officially International Rox Populi de-lurking day. Drop by and tell me what you like about the blog and what you'd like to see me do in 2006.

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20 December 2005

The Gift That Helps Them Keep on Giving

KneepadsIf you're still frantically searching for the perfect Christmas holiday gift for that special wingnut in your life who still supports Bush no matter how many ways he's diverged from traditional Republican values, you could do worse than pick 'em up a pair of these useful items.

Now available in torture pink, unconstitutional avocado, and budget-bustin' grapefruit. While supplies last.

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Write Your Own Caption - #385


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Now That's Barbie Torture

Young girls are torturing Barbie dolls as a rite of passage into puberty, according to new research.

And that's a bad thing because ...?

But, this news does give me the occasion to tell you a little story. A friend of mine worked in the emergency room at San Francisco General Hospital. The average human mind probably can't conceive of all the scary bullshit he saw in there. One day, the paramedics wheeled in this patient who was having unbelievable abdominal pain. At first, the doctors couldn't make out what was wrong with the dude. Long story short, an ex-ray revealed dozens of Barbie doll heads in his stomach. Hair and all.

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