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Mac OS X Tiger delivers the power of 64-bit computing to your Mac. Build and run a new generation of 64-bit applications that address massive amounts of memory, without compromising the performance of your existing 32-bit applications.

Bridge the Generation Gap


With the 64-bit features of Mac OS X Tiger, you can build and run a new generation of 64-bit applications that address up to four billion times as much memory as 32-bit applications.

Tiger also provides access to as much physical memory as you can install in PowerMac G5 and Xserve G5 systems, as well as highly optimized 64-bit math support for all PowerPC G5 systems. Even 32-bit applications benefit from the system’s ability to access large amounts of RAM: The system can manipulate data in multiple applications entirely in RAM for maximum performance.

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Do the Math

Both 64-bit and 32-bit applications in Tiger can use hardware-accelerated math functions when running on a Power Mac G5. This speeds performance for math-intensive applications, as well as high-end video and audio applications. Xcode 2.0 assists developers in unlocking this acceleration. It handles complex tasks in less time, enhancing developer experience and productivity.

Write Chameleon Code

64-bit Package

Tiger simplifies software distribution with support for fat binaries, applications that contain both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries within a single file. Using fat binaries, network administrators distribute a single version of an application to all users regardless of their system capabilities. Once installed on a user’s system, the fat binary automatically selects the appropriate code for the system without user intervention. This greatly simplifies administration, installation and distribution of applications.

Source Code Compatibility

Look to Tiger for strong support for application source code compatibility. Write source code once and then recompile as needed for systems using the PowerPC G3, G4 and G5 processors. This enables you to maintain just one version of your source code, simplifying both development and maintenance.

G5 processor

Enhanced 64-bit Support

Tiger ships with 64-bit ready Xcode development tools, so you can take full advantage of the Tiger’s enhanced 64-bit capabilities right out of the box. Tiger’s new 64-bit pointers enable individual processes to access massive amounts of virtual memory. The enhanced kernel, plus a 64-bit version of libSystem, let command-line programs, background daemons and network services directly manipulate up to 16 exabytes of virtual memory, more than four billion times the memory addressable by today’s 32-bit applications.

UNIX logo

Tiger supports the industry standard LP64 programming model supported by other 64-bit Unix systems. This means developers can easily port 64-bit code to Tiger. LP64 support in Tiger provides for 64-bit pointer, long and long long but preserves 32-bit integer data types.


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