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An Immense Sea is coming to Splashin' Safari!

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If you like The Wave, you're going to love Bahari! This huge new themed wave pool will cool you off in a big way in 2005! Bahari (which rhymes with "safari") is a Swahili word, meaning "immense sea." It's nearly twice as big as The Wave, plus there are geysers, springs, jets and more to add to the fun! The Bahari addition also includes a new food outlet and a second smoking area for Splashin' Safari.

In Holiday World, watch for a second train on The Raven wooden roller coaster (that means shorter lines for this top-ranked coaster!). Plus the new Revolution is an updated version of The Roundhouse—it has higher capacity, a faster and higher spin, plus it lights up at night! What else is new? Karaoke is added to Holiday World's entertainment lineup, plus fireworks on the 4th of July. Also, lots of additions and changes to make your family's visit in '05 the best ever!

Bahari's Tiki WallNew for 2005!

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