Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey [UK]
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Royal Militia of the
Island of Jersey
cap badge, 1991
Channel Islands 
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Note: This is a battalion history of the part-time reserves, which are normally liable for full-time active service only in an emergency. See the main regimental page(s) as linked below for more information.
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1337 Jersey Militia
1622 organised in regiments:
  • West Regiment
  • North Regiment
  • East Regiment
1685? Troop of Horse raised, later converted to Dragoons
1730? regiments reorganised:
  • 1st Regiment, at St Ouen, St Mary, St John
  • 2nd Regiment at Trinity, St Martin
  • 3rd Regiment at St Saviour, Grouville, St Clement
  • 4th Regiment
    • 1st Battalion at St Helier
    • 2nd Battalion at St Lawrence
  • 5th Regiment at St Peter, St Brelade
1771 compulsory service introduced and Militia increased:
  • Regiment of Cavalry
  • Regiment of Artillery
  • 1st (Northwest) Regiment
  • 2nd (North) Regiment
  • 3rd (East) Regiment
  • 4th (South) Regiment
  • 5th (Southwest) Regiment
  • St. Helier Battalion
1831 Royal Jersey Militia
royal accolade granted on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the battle of Jersey
1870? Troop of Dragoons disbanded
1877? regiments reorganised:
  • Royal Jersey Artillery, consisting of four batteries
  • 1st Regiment, formed by amalgamation of 1st (Northwest) Regiment, 5th (Southwest) Regiment, and St Lawrence Bn
  • 2nd Regiment, formed by amalgamation of 2nd (North) Regiment, and 3rd (East) Regiment
  • 3rd Regiment, formed from St Helier Bn, and St. Helier personnel serving in other battalions
1890 regiments reorganised:
  • Royal Jersey Artillery, consisting of two field coys and four garrison coys
  • 1st (West) Regiment (Light Infantry)
  • 2nd (East) Regiment (Light Infantry)
  • 3rd (South) Regiment (Light Infantry)
1905 regiments reorganised:
  • Royal Jersey Artillery, consisting of two field coys and two garrison coys
  • Corps of Militia Engineers
  • 1st (West) Battalion (Light Infantry)
  • 2nd (East) Battalion (Light Infantry)
  • 3rd (South) Battalion (Light Infantry)
  • Medical Corps
1915 one company mobilised as Jersey Overseas Contingent in 7th (Service) Battalion, The Royal Irish Rifles
1917.11.14 7th Battalion disbanded, and personnel absorbed by 2nd Battalion; Jersey Overseas Contingent later transferred to 2nd Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment
1921.12.24 The Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey
Militia reconstituted as one infantry battalion
1928 disbanded when British government support withdrawn
1929 re-formed as 250-man force at expense of States of Jersey, consisting of Rifle Coy and a Machine Gun Coy
1939.09.01 Militia embodied
1940.06.20 Militia disbanded; one company formed in 50th (Holding) Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment upon evacuation of Jersey (occupied by Germany 01.07.1940), and Militia disbanded
1940.06.28 11th (Royal Militia Island of Jersey) Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment
battalion formed by expansion of Jersey Coy in 50th Bn, upon volunteering for overseas service
1946.04.11 war-time battalion disbanded; Militia in suspended animation
1953 disbanded

1987.12.07 Jersey Field Squadron (The Royal Militia Island of Jersey), 111th Regiment, RE
formed in Territorial Army
1994.05.01 Jersey Field Squadron (The Royal Militia Island of Jersey), 73rd Regiment, RE
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The 1781 Jersey Militia, by Dave Dorgan
Museums, Monuments, Memorials and Chapels:
Museum of the Jersey Militia, Elizabeth Castle (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
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  Battle Honours

Jersey 17811, The Great War

1. awarded 1881 to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Regiments, and inherited by successors

  Colours, Standards and Guidons
Colours, 1925, by Norman Wood.
  Uniforms and Badges
New cap badge adopted 1991.
Uniform: 1831-1914: scarlet; facings: blue
  Honorary Colonels Index of Royal Colonels
1909.03.24 Maj-Gen. Hugh Sutlej Gough, CB, CMG
1992.10.01 Gen. Sir John Finlay Willasey Wilsey, GCB, CBE, ADC
2005.02.18 Gen. Sir Michael Wilkes, KCB, CBE
Freedoms: Privilege of the States of Jersey (1995)
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De Gruchy, F.A.L. The Royal Jersey Militia and the military role of Jersey in history. [St. Helier?] Societe Jersiaise Annual Bulletin, 1956.