Yorkshire Volunteers [UK]
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1st Battalion,
Yorkshire Volunteers
United Kingdom 
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Note: This is a battalion history of the part-time reserves, which are normally liable for full-time active service only in an emergency. See the main regimental page(s) as linked below for more information.
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1967.04.01 Yorkshire Volunteers
formed with HQ at Lumley Barrack, York, as TAVR II successor to TA battalions in the Yorkshire Brigade

E (The Leeds Rifles) Company formed at Carlton Barracks, Leeds with det at Castleford from The Leeds Rifles, The Prince of Wales's Own Regt of Yorkshire


1st Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers
HQ at Lumley Barracks, York; Scarborough detachment B Company transferred to form D Company 2nd Battalion


C Coy consolidated at Halifax (yielding Keighley to 3rd Battalion); E Coy consolidated at Leeds (yielding Castleford to 2nd Battalion)


D Coy consolidated at Sheffield (yielding Rotherham and Barnsley to 3rd Battalion)


A Coy at Colliergate, York transferred as A Company 2nd Battalion; E Coy at Carlton Barracks, Leeds redesignated as new A Company


new E (The York and Lancaster Regiment) Company formed at Doncaster from detachment of B Company 3rd Battalion


D Coy formed detachment at Middlewood Road, Sheffield


A Coy formed detachment at Harrogate


G Company (interim designation) formed at Guisborough from detachment B Company; H Company (interim designation) formed at Harrogate with detachment at Northallerton from A Coy 1st Battalion and A Coy 2nd Battalion (by 1 Jan.1987); K Company (interim designation) formed at Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough from personnel B Coy


D Coy at Sheffield transferred as D Company 4th Battalion


companies reorganised: A Coy at Carlton Barracks, Leeds transferred as B Company 3rd Battalion; C Coy at Halifax transferred as C Company 3rd Battalion; E Coy at Doncaster transferred as C Company 4th Battalion


1st Battalion, Yorkshire Volunteers (Cleveland)

1992.04.01 reduced to three rifle company establisment:
  • HQ Company at York, absorbed C Coy
  • A (The Green Howards) Company at Scarborough with detachments at Guisborough and Whitby, amalgamation of D Coy 2nd Battalion and A Coy 1st Battalion
  • B (The Green Howards) Company at Middlesbrough [unchanged]
  • C Company at Harrogate, redesignation of D Coy, losing POWORY affiliation

HQ and HQ Company moved Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough (yielding York to 2nd Battalion)

1993.04.25 redesignated as 4th/5th Battalion, The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment) (Yorkshire Volunteers)
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A short history of the Yorkshire Volunteers, by Campbell Ricketts.
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Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Association, by Campbell Ricketts.
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Honorary Colonel, Yorkshire Volunteers:
1967.04.01 Hon. Maj-Gen. HRH Katharine, The Duchess of Kent, GCVO
Royal Honorary Colonel, Yorkshire Volunteers [all bns]:
1968.05.07 Hon. Maj-Gen. HRH Katharine, The Duchess of Kent, GCVO
Honorary Regimental Colonel, Yorkshire Volunteers [all bns]:
1981.04.01 Lt-Col. J.M. Wilson, TD
1984.11.01 Lt-Col. (Hon. Col.) Christopher James Tattersall, TD
1988.04.01 Lt.-Col. Anthony Edmond Gaynor, OBE
  Honorary Colonel, 1st Bn, Yorkshire Volunteers:
1975.12.01 Lt. The Rt. Hon. Richard Aldred (Lumley), 12th Earl of Scarborough, DL
1988.12.01 vacant
1989.10.26 Col. Ian Geoffrey Norton, TD, JP, DL
Freedoms: Kirklees (25 Mar. 1979)
Marches: Ilkla Moor
Musicians: The Yorkshire Volunteers Band TAVR (serving all battalions of the Yorkshire Volunteers), formed 1967 by redesignation of The Leeds Rifles Band; redesignated 1969 as The Regimental Band of the Yorkshire Volunteers; redesignated later as The Yorkshire Volunteers Band; officially disbanded 1 July 1999, but continued as a civilian organisation.
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