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December 29, 2005
War Resister Jerry Texiero, the Marine Corps and Who Betrayed Whom?
Category: Jack Dalton - Posted at 05:19 PM Perm. link


"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." Henry Kissinger as quoted in the book "Kiss the Boys Goodbye".

Just when was it we in this nation lost our ability to choose if and when we would be willing to kill another human being, or be killed ourselves? When was it that following the "rules" became more important than following what is right? Case in point: Jerry Texiero; who as an active duty Marine in 1965 refused to deploy to Vietnam and took off (For details see: Marine Refuser From 40 Years Ago Faces Court Martial). 40 years later the Marine Corps has Jerry incarcerated at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, N.C.

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December 28, 2005
Russia and the Ukraine - Next Resource War?
Category: Hegemony - Posted at 10:18 AM Perm. link

There is escalating conflict between Russia and the Ukraine over gas supplies and costs. The issue started with the pipeline deal between Germany and Russia. The deal left both Poland and the Ukraine with major concerns about the amount and cost of gas from Russia. The Ukraine's concerns were justified when Russia tripled the cost of gas to the Ukraine from $50 to $150 per 1,000 cubic meters. Russia has now bumped the price up to $230. The increased cost threatens to undermine the Ukraine's growing industrial sector. However, there is more than a price war going on here.

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In Memory of Andre Norton
Category: Misc. - Posted at 02:56 AM Perm. link

I just found out this week that Andre Norton died. This was a huge blow for me, and I have been absorbing it. She passed away March 17, 2005, but somehow I didn't know. Some of you may not know of her. She was a science fiction and fantasy writer par excellance. She published her early works under the pen name "Andrew North" because when she was first trying to get her work published in the 1930's, women authors had difficulty being published - particularly in the realm of science fiction. Andre Norton was formative in my life in so many ways.

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December 27, 2005
Alaska's Peak Gas
Category: Environment - Posted at 10:18 AM Perm. link

You know it just figures. We fight to stop further drilling in Alaska, and the "Powers that Be" are already planning routes for the pipeline. But, let's add insult to injury shall we? According to Alaska's consultant on energy, Douglas Reynolds's, Alaska's natural gas should peak in 2007. He says that more efficient extraction has accelerated the peak. The gas may not peak until 2008, but it will "then it will be followed by an even sharper fall." In other words, before they even get permission to drill, or pipelines constructed, natural gas will have peaked in Alaska.

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December 26, 2005
We Can Spy and So We Will
Category: Hegemony - Posted at 07:25 AM Perm. link

The picture that is emerging of the National Security Agency's warrantless spying is complex, and poses a long term threat to the Constitution and to our privacy in general. Lichtblau and Risen of the NY Times state that the spying is of much broader scope that previously thought. That spying apparently involved a new technology (or technologies) in the NSA's toolbox, and collusion with U.S. telecommunication companies. It entails capturing the electronic data that passes through the switches of the major hubs in the United States. Further, the administration has encouraged these companies to pursue have international traffic use the hubs as well.

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December 25, 2005
What Have We Learned?
Category: Monica Benderman - Posted at 08:00 AM Perm. link

By: Monica Benderman

Christmas comes but once a year. Why?

Maybe it is a reminder.

Churches are full on Christmas Eve. So many pay homage - listening to the story of Christmas. Year after year, children memorize the Christmas story, learn to point in the direction of the Star of Bethlehem, and surround a cradle full of hay to sing "Away in a Manger," with hands folded sweetly to their chins.

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December 24, 2005
And to All A Good Night - A Contemporary Christmas Tale
Category: John Chuckman - Posted at 07:16 AM Perm. link


It was only a matter of time before Santa Claus himself came under the Neanderthal-eyed scrutiny of American intelligence. After all, Santa's citizenship is unknown, and he crosses borders with no passport or other form of identification. No one knows whether he even has a valid pilot's license.

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December 23, 2005
They Call It A 'Patriot Act'
Category: Hegemony - Posted at 08:12 AM Perm. link

I am so tired of hearing and seeing the U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act referred to as the "Patriot" Act or the "USA Patriot" Act. The title has nothing to do with the Untied States of America (USA) or with patriotism. The name of the act is an acronym. It stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. Now, I know that it is cumbersome to type out U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act., or USAPATRIOT Act, or even U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act. I am sure that was part of the intention all along. I can imagine the spinners in Congress saying come up with something catchy and deceptive. They knew that it would transform to the "Patriot" Act. The more people hear and see the transformed acronym, the more it moves away from what the actual legislation is - a significant erosion of our civil liberties. It is legislation that has been used more frequently in the "war on drugs" than the "war on terrorism." In fact, it is being avoided entirely by both Bush with his order to spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant, and by the FBI with their "National Security Letters" (which also do not require a warrant).

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December 22, 2005
Bird Flu May Be Tamiflu Resistant
Category: Environment - Posted at 08:57 AM Perm. link

According to a report in the Independent/UK, the H5N1 avian flu virus is developing mutations that make it resistant to the anti-viral Tamiflu. Two of the 13 people recently stricken in Vietnam developed a Tamiflu resistant strain of the virus. This is bad news for Britain, the U.S., and others who are spending billions to stockpile the drug in case of a pandemic. It is also bad news for Rumsfeld who was CEO of Gilead (holder of the Tamiflu patent) before becoming Secretary of Defense.

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A Successful Policy ... For War Without End
Category: Hegemony - Posted at 07:49 AM Perm. link

Bush et al have said that troops will be drawn down in Iraq with the refrain "As Iraqi's stand up, we will stand down." They have further claimed the U.S. "won't cut and run." What about that other war? You know, the one we hardly ever hear about. It was in some little country that was "protecting" Osama bin Laden? That little place that we withdrew troops from to invade Iraq? Yeah, that one - Afghanistan. Well guess what? We aren't "winning" there either.

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Christmas, Christmas, a new America is born. Help! December 25, 2005
Bush : Uncle Sam wishes a merry Christmas to you
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