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Race: Orc (Undead)

Occupation: Lich

Alignment: Scourge

A former orc sorcerer of little renown, Abrakkar the Wretched was turned into a Lich by the Lich King after he fused with Arthas atop the Frozen Throne.

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"There is another way to cross, but it is not as safe as it used to be." 

Race: Human

Occupation: Villager of Brill

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

Achilles was a townsman of Brill, who was present when Prince Arthas and Jaina arrived. He was at the bridge, which had been destroyed, and explained the predicament to Arthas.

Achilles also told Arthas and Jaina of the second route across the river, but warned that it was not as safe as it once was. This was true, for murlocs and brigands had taken up residence.

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Aegwynn, Magna

"I am older than many dynasties, and got over my girlish indulgences early in my first century. I knew fully what I was doing coming to your chambers last night."

Race: Human (Guardian)

Occupation: Guardian of Tirisfal

Alignment: Order of Tirisfal

Magna Aegwynn, Matriarch of Tirisfal, bears the secret guilt for all the misfortune that has befallen Azeroth. The Order of Tirisfal was originally forged by the High Elves to secretly protect the world from demonic corruption of magic, hoping to avoid the folly of their ancestors. These Guardians were given considerable power and longevity. 

When the order was extended to humans after they, too, began to learn magic, it was kept as a secret Order amongst only the greatest magi. But over time, the Guardian became a puppet of the Order, and the focus was lost. The Guardian became a warden on all who practiced magic.

When Aegwynn became the Guardian, however, she refused to be manipulated. She remained focused on the matter at hand - the demonic powers at play in Azeroth.

Aegwynn battled the powers of the Twisting Nether for a millennium, finally squaring off with Sargeras himself, who came to Azeroth in an attempt to destroy the dragons and consume their powers. With the help of the dragons, Aegwynn defeated the Lord of the Legion, and trapped his physical form within the Tomb of Sargeras, so that it might never be rejuvenated by the powers of the Nether. But there was something that she could not percieve.

Though powerful, Aegwynn was, at her core, mortal, and so knew that she would have to pass on her powers, lest the demons be given free reign of Azeroth. Tricking the conjurer of Azeroth, Nielas Aran, into bedding her, she used his seed to conceive her child.

Aegwynn gave birth to a son in the fall of that year, naming him Medivh, or “Keeper of Secrets” in the Elven tongue. She locked deep within him the knowledge of Tirisfal, to be made manifest when he reached physical maturity. When that time came, however, the power of Tirisfal was too much for him to properly channel, and the resulting backlash of magical energy pouring from the child killed Nielas and reduced Medivh to a comatose body. 

Though Medivh awoke six years later, assuring the clergy of Northshire that he was in full control of his powers, Aegwynn suspected that something was amiss, and her suspicions were confirmed when she watched, horrified, as Medivh made pacts with the Burning Legion, and brought the Orcs to Azeroth. 

Aegwynn confronted Medivh, seeking to turn him from his chaotic course and turn him to the Guardianship for which he was intended. When he refused her, she attempted to battle him, but, having given all her power to him so long ago, she was defeated. It was then that Medivh revealed all to her.

As he died in battle before her, Sargeras had spirited his essence into Aegwynn's own body, lying in wait like a cancer, for her to concieve as he knew she would. Sargeras stitched himself into the fabric of Medivh's unborn body, so that when he awoke, and realized the power of Tirisfal, he would also manifest his unholy, demonic heritage. Somehow unable to kill Aegwynn, he instead banished her from his sight.

In a desperate attempt to spread word of Medivh’s evil, Aegwynn had an audience with King Llane, warning him that Medivh was behind the Orcs and that he would, eventually, have to be dealt with. Llane listened gratefully. 

Aegwynn, knowing that she had done all she could possibly do, watched the events unfold before her. She watched her son die, the fall of Blackhand and Gul’dan, and her last testament was a praise to the Alliance before she left to prepare herself for her death.

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Race: Deity

Occupation: Wilderness Spirit

A benevolent spirit, Aessina is honoured by the Dryads, who attend her shrine deep within Ashenvale to venerate her. The shrine is a clear pool watched over by an ivy-covered statue of Aessina. 

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Race: Ironforge Dwarf

Occupation: Mountain King

Alignment: Survivors of Lordaeron

Aggronor the Mighty was a Thane of Khaz Modan who survived the demonic invasion of Lordaeron, and sailed west with Jaina. With Greymane either dead or missing, Aggronor was chosen to command what remained of the Gilneas Brigade. Jaina, sensing a strange power coming from Stonetalon Peak, ordered them to build a settlement at its base.

Aggronor and the four other commanders built settlements there, and soon, to their surprise, they came under the attack of Grom Hellscream and the Warsong Clan. They went to retaliate, but attacked Thrall's base by mistake. To keep them at bay, Thrall was forced to kill Aggronor and destroy his base.

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Race: High Elf

Occupation: Villager of Andorhal

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

Ai was one of the few high elves who remained in Lordaeron after Quel'Thalas rescinded from the Alliance. She took up residence in the town of Andorhal, and survived the initial destruction the Plague brought their town.

Ai was horrified when Terenas was reported killed by his own son, the once-beloved Prince Arthas, but even more so when she saw him returning to Andorhal, with an undead army at her back. Immediately, she and her neighbours rushed indoors. Ai's fate afterward is uncertain, but few survived the wrath of Prince Arthas.

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Occupation: Merchant

Alignment: Orcish Horde

The proprietor of a marketplace in a small orcish camp outside of Orgrimmar within the nation of Durotar. Aicila was the only creature in Durotar to sell a keg of Thunderwater, which Rexxar bought to give to Chen Stormstout. Aicila also sold several other powerful artifacts, including an Orb of Lightning.

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"We draenei have fought the orcs and their demon masters for generations. Now, at last, we will end their curse forever."

Race: Draenei

Occupation: Elder Sage - Leader of the Draenei

Alignment: Illidan Stormrage

The kind but hardened Elder Sage of the Draenei, Akama managed to get his race into hiding before the orcs, corrupted by a demonic bloodlust, wiped out every last one of them. After the cataclysm, and the shattering of Draenor, Akama and his aging survivors were forced into the open, where he was fighting a losing battle against the Pit Lord, Magtheridon, and his army of demons and fel orcs.

Akama found himself aided by Kael'thas and Lady Vashj, a blood elf and a naga who had come from Azeroth to escape the clutches of human captors. Hoping to gain allies in the fight against Magtheridon, Kael and Vashj destroyed the base of fel orcs which had been raiding Akama's makeshift outpost. Akama pledged his loyalty to Illidan, and aided them by attacking a larger orcish base, keeping them occupied and away from Kael and Illidan as they closed the gates which were supplying constant reinforcements to Magtheridon.

After that battle, the time had come to lay siege to Magtheridon's Black Citadel itself.

Akama pledged allegiance to Illidan, craving vengeance on the orcs and the demons that had corrupted them for the slaughter of his race. Using his stealth abilities, Akama and a band of his followers snuck into the Black Citadel and destroyed the magical energy generators which sustained the defenses of the Citadel, and then, he aided Illidan, Kael, and Vashj in the final attack on Magtheridon himself.

When Kil'jaeden appeared and ordered Illidan to destroy the Frozen Throne, Illidan, Kael, and Vashj went as ordered, and Akama remained in Outland to guard their holdings.

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Race: Human

Occupation: Child

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

A child of Brill who lived on a farm with his family outside the town. He is the son of Alric, who told Arthas and Jaina how to get to the healing fountain.

Alex is the son of Alric and Daunell Barton, and the brother of Austen and Alizabeth.

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"Life. . . hope. . . and what they bring with them . . ."

Race: Red Dragon (Aspect)

Occupation: Aspect of Life

Alignment: Red Dragonflight

Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, the wondrous and ancient Queen of Dragons, was empowered by the Titans themselves to protect the young world of Azeroth from the flame. She is as old as the mountains and one of the most powerful creatures of the world.

Alexstrasza was called by her friend Cenarius during the first invasion of the Burning Legion, and the help of her, and her draconic brethren, helped turn the tides against the demons.

Alexstrasza continued to waywardly protect the world until she returned with Ysera and Nozdormu to Mount Hyjal, where they were alarmed to hear that a new Well of Eternity was being created. The dragons realized that if there was a Well, it would mean that there would be magic, and therefore, a means of the Legion returning. So, they made a pact with Furion Stormrage, the Arch-Druid, to protect the Well, keeping it safe.

Alexstrasza dropped an acorn into the centre of the Well, and its magical energies caused the acorn to burst into a massive tree that dwarfed the forests around it. This World Tree was a symbol of life and power, and its roots would heal the world over time, and keep the night elves free from death and disease.

Many years before the First War, the five Aspects put all their power into an ancient artifact called the Demon Soul. Deathwing, however, betrayed his fellow Aspects and used the Demon Soul to steal a portion of their power. They disbanded him, and the resulting war rendered him the last black dragon. 

Alexstrasza’s most recent page in history is her capture by the Horde using an artifact called the Demon Soul. Rend and Maim devised a plot to capture her, and then Zuluhed instituted his warlock, Nekros Skullcrusher, to keep her subdued in Grim Batol with the Demon Soul. She was forced to, coupled with her aging mate Tyranastrasz, lay clutch after clutch to be used by the vile Orcs as fodder for the Second War. However, Alexstrasza had no choice, as Nekros threatened to slay her unborn clutches. 

After the Second War, Alexstrasza became more valuable than ever, as she now supplied the only real ace the Horde still had up its sleeves. Thus she was to be protected at all costs. However, Deathwing, her most hated enemy who had partly arranged for her continued subjugation during the Second War, arranged an elaborate plot to draw her into the open and steal her children, in the hopes of generating his own progeny. 

However, he unwittingly facilitated her escape. Though Tyrannostrasz was killed by the black dragon, Alexstrasza’s former mate Korialstrasz gathered together the other three Aspects still on the force of light: Nozdormu, Malygos, and Ysera. Together, with the help of the wizard Rhonin, the Demon Soul was destroyed, and so the Aspects could properly attack Deathwing. 

He escaped with no egg, but he had inadvertently freed Alexstrasza. Alexstrasza killed Nekros, reclaimed her children, and flew off with Korialstrasz to roost in Crestfall. 

Her fire-breathing children returned to their posts as protectors of all life, and worked to rebuild their devastated race.

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"A group of gnolls kidnapped my Little Timmy and took him to their hideout in the forest!" 

Race: Human

Occupation: Mother

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

Alicia is a farm girl who lived outside Strahnbrad. Her son, Little Timmy, was kidnapped by a group of gnolls, and when Arthas came, she implored him to go find Timmy for her. She would have herself, had she not had so many other children to care for. 

Arthas did as she bid, and she rewarded him.

Alicia had six children: Garrett, Logan, Steven, James, Andrew, and of course, Timmy.

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Race: Human

Occupation: Villager of Brill

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

A child of Brill who lived on a farm with her family outside the town. She is the daughter of Alric, who told Arthas and Jaina how to get to the healing fountain.

Alizabeth is the daughter of Alric and Daunell Barton, and the sister of Austen and Alex.


"You never touch the other elves like that. Do that again and you'll pull back a stump."

Art by Brian SousaRace: High Elf

Occupation: Ranger

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

Alleria was a fabled Ranger for the Alliance during the Second War, but never realized fully just how dangerous the Orcs were until she saw the ruins of Quel’thalas, and searched for her family in what was left of it. 

Alleria’s thirst for vengeance caused her to create a cadre of Rangers who was solely dedicating to hunting down any free Orc left in Azeroth and eradicate them. Alleria’s quest led her straight through the Dark Portal on the heels of Khadgar and the Bleeding Hollow Clan. 

Alleria fought valiantly against the forces of Ner’zhul, but in the end, she knew the sacrifice she would have to make, and assisted in closing the Portal from Draenor, sacrificing her way home. Last heard, she was lost within the Twisting Nether.

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The lover of Dethorin, Allurana was unfaithful to her love and fled into the arms of another. Dethorin despaired and was gifted with the crescent ax, Killmaim. Dethorin slew Allurana and her lover for their infidelity, and then cast the ax into the sea. 

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"Milord, there an ancient fountain shrine nearby. Legends say that its waters can restore health and heal grievous wounds."

Race: Human

Occupation: Villager of Brill

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

A townsman of Brill, Alric lived by the river with his family outside of the town. After Arthas killed the bandits raiding their town, Alric told him of the mystic fountain he knew of that could heal the wounds of Arthas' group. Arthas thankfully took the advice of the villager.

Alric was the husband of Daunell Barton, and the father of Alizabeth, Austen, and Alex.

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Amy Diane

Race: Human

Occupation: Villager of Strahnbrad

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

Not a citizen of Strahnbrad directly, Amy Diane was a farm maiden who lived with her family just outside of the village. She was hiding in a small forest glade by her friends Maria and Stephanie when Arthas walked by.

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Race: Human

Occupation: Child

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

Andrew was one of the many children of Alicia, the farm girl who lived outside Strahnbrad. Andrew's brother, Timmy, was kidnapped by gnolls, and Prince Arthas, son of Terenas, saved Timmy and returned him to Alicia.

Apart from Timmy, Andrew is also the brother of Garrett, Logan, Steven, and James.

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"Our only concern is that the Scourge accomplishes what it was created to do."

Race: Nathrezim

Occupation: Dreadlord

Alignment: Burning Legion

A cunning and horrifically powerful Dreadlord, Anetheron was second in the ranks of the Nethrezim only to Tichondrius himself.

Anetheron waited in the Twisting Nether, acting as emissary of Archimonde and Kil'jaeden to Tichondrius. They grew agitated when they began to suspect the Lich King of treachery. But Tichondrius was confident that, despite his obvious ulterior motives, the Lich King was still providing the tools they needed to make way for the invasion. In a meeting in the Twisting Nether, Tichondrius assured Anetheron that everything was still well in his control.

When Archimonde came to the world, Anetheron went with him, and served as a personal guardsman. When Tichondrius was killed by Illidan, Anetheron was given joint rule of the Scourge, alongside the deadly blood lich, Rage Winterchill.

Anetheron showed his tenacity when he led the Scourge against the Sentinels, Alliance, and Horde in the final, climactic battle for Mount Hyjal. However, Anetheron was killed during the battle.

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Antoinette, Marie Claire

"Look, it's Prince Arthas!"

Race: Human

Occupation: Villager of Brill

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

Marie Claire Antoinette and her insufferable friends, Linda and Jillian, were young maidens of Brill who had something of a crush on the charismatic and, let's face it, hunky Prince Arthas. 

When he arrived in town to deal with the Plague, Marie Claire and her friends followed him at a distance, and then returned to gossip with one another. They could be heard giggling with delight every now and then.

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"Pull your troops back or we will be forced to unleash our full powers against you! Make your choice, Death Knight."

Race: Human

Occupation: Archmage - Head of the Kirin Tor

Alignment: Kirin Tor

Art by Samwise DidierThe aged and wizened leader of the Kirin Tor, Antonidas became a powerful archmage through his seventy-one years of life. He fought to defend, and then to rebuild, the Violet Citadel during and after the Second War, and pledged an ever-faithful loyalty to Lordaeron. As time passed, failing health kept him keeping to the Violet Citadel most of the time. Instead, his prized pupil, Jaina Proudmoore, did most of the work in keeping Antonidas aware of the situations abroad.

Antonidas, like many prominent figures in the Alliance, was met by the mysterious Prophet before the Invasion began. The Prophet warned him that he must journey west, but Antonidas was heedless, believing the Prophet to be nothing more than a magical madman. Despite Jaina's instinct about the Prophet, Antonidas instead chose to focus attention on the plague sweeping across the north. He, like many of the Kirin Tor, knew that it was a great threat, and that it should be taken very seriously. However, Dalaran's plea for quarantine went unheard by the ears of Alliance officials.

Instead, Antonidas sent Jaina to investigate the plague with the young paladin, Prince Arthas. The ensuing tragedy would ravage the mind of Arthas, and destroy the town of Stratholme.

Antonidas continued to study the plague from afar until finally it came to his doorstep. The Scourge, led by Kel'Thuzad and Arthas, had come to claim the Book of Medivh. Antonidas and the Kirin Tor erected a magical aura that would inflict heavy injury upon any undead creature that entered it. 

Nevertheless, Arthas sacrificed many of his minions to strive deep into the city, and finally, he murdered Antonidas and claimed the book in the name of the Lich King. 

With Antonidas dead, the city of Dalaran was quick to fall before the might of Archimonde.

Antonidas' restless spirit remained in the ruins of Dalaran for sometime, continuing to fight what he believed to be the invading undead forces. When Kael was fleeing the dungeons, he found the ghosts of Antonidas and several of his kindred, and destroyed them, finally allowing them peace after so many months.

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"This treasure belongs to the Lich King, little creature. We, his servants, shall take what we will."

Race: Nerubian (Undead)

Occupation: King of Azjol-Nerub; Crypt Lord

Alignment: The Scourge

The former King of Azjol-Nerub, Anub'arak was among the Nerubians slaughtered in the War of the Spider, and they were ritually mummified. When Azjol-Nerub was crushed and the surviving Nerubians scattered, Ner'zhul the Lich King raised the high lords of the Spider Kingdom as undead to do his bidding, and Anub'arak was among them.

Now as a malicious Crypt Lord, Anub'arak used his powers to purge the snow swept landscape of any remaining resistance to the reign of the Lich King. Despite the pleas from his former subjects, he massacred many Nerubians who stood in his way.

Anub'arak was sent south to meet Arthas when he arrived at Icecrown. Anub'arak saved the dark prince from an attack by blood elves, before he introduced himself and told Arthas of Ner'zhul's plans. Anub'arak helped Arthas to establish a base, and then masterminded the attack on Sapphiron. Anub'arak told Arthas that it would take far too long to fight their way through the Kael and Vashj's expansive forces, and formulated a plan to go through the underground ruins of Azjol-Nerub to reach Icecrown, but warned that it would be a perilous journey.

Anub'arak led Arthas into the ruined Spider Kingdom, negating many perilous traps along the way, but all the while, he fought many of his former subjects, the living Nerubians, who called him the traitor king for serving the Lich King, who had destroyed Nerub.

As they entered the kingdom, they encountered survivors of Muradin's expedition, now led by Baelgun, who reported that an ancient evil had been released beneath the kingdom, and that they would not allow any to open the Inner Kingdom's doors. Anub'arak and Arthas destroyed the troublesome dwarves and broke into the Inner Kingdom. Soon, they came upon the evil the dwarves had spoken of - the Faceless Ones - strange, malformed creatures who had been imprisoned beneath the earth in ages long forgotten. They even faced off with a Forgotten One, a creature of great power and resilience. 

Upon entering the Upper Kingdom, an earthquake separated Anub'arak from Arthas, and Anub'arak and his minions dug fervently through the rubble to get to Arthas before he killed himself in one of the many booby traps laden throughout the halls of Nerub. Impressed at Arthas' resilience, when he found him, Anub'arak quickly ushered him out of Nerub and to the surface, where they were immediately engaged with Illidan and his servants in a battle for the Frozen Throne. 

Anub'arak was quick to the battle, defending Arthas as he magically activated the four obelisks surrounding Icecrown's pinnacle. Finally, all four were active, and Anub'arak stood by as Arthas climbed the stairs to his destiny.

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Aran, Fordred

Race: Human

Occupation: Archmage

Alignment: Kirin Tor

Valued member of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran, Fordred Aran was much of a homebody. He rarely left the city, and studied magic as he pleased. 

Fordred and his allies were unexpectedly called to battle with the surprising death of Antonidas, the leader of the Kirin Tor, at the hands of the dark prince, Arthas. Quickly girding themselves for battle, Fordred and his allies felt a great, sinister energy amassing outside their walls, and when they found Kel'Thuzad, their former colleague reborn as a monstrous lich, casting a dark, terrible spell, they hastily moved against him.

Despite all their attempts, Arthas and his horrific forces managed to hold the Dalaran war parties at bay, and Kel'Thuzad soon finished his spell, revealing the totality of his vile scheme. The demon lord, Archimonde, was set loose upon the world.

Fordred Aran was killed in the destruction of Dalaran.

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Aran, Nielas

"But if you weren't impressed, if you didn't want me, then why did we . . ."

Race: Human

Occupation: Court Conjurer

Alignment: Order of Tirisfal; Azeroth

Nielas Aran was the altruistic and caring father of the monster Medivh. He was the Court Conjurer of Azeroth when he was met by a mysterious traveler. They fell in love and she bore him a child, but soon disappeared after his birth, leaving Medivh to Nielas and Azeroth.

Nielas taught Medivh temperament and the ways of magic, caring for him selflessly until the night before Medivh’s Age of Ascension. Medivh woke from fevered dreams and sought his father, and at a touch of his hand, Medivh burst into raw, cosmic energy, pouring out from him. The Clerics of Northshire hurried to Stormwind, and it took a hundred, and Nielas, to contain the child.

Nielas psychically attempted to harness the power of the child, containing and disciplining it, but it was far too much for his means. Finally, the two collapsed on the ground, Nielas having given his life to save his son.

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Arcanister, Nilas

Race: Human

Occupation: Archmage

Alignment: Kirin Tor

Nilas Arcanister was a revered wizard of the Kirin Tor, whose wisdom and benevolence aided the Alliance and Dalaran many, many times during his esteemed magical career.

Nilas Arcanister was rocked back into action after a long, silent time when Dalaran came under sudden attack by Arthas and Kel'Thuzad, both formerly highly respected nobles of the human kingdoms, and now both corrupted by the Scourge. In a surprise attack, and despite the magical wards laid down by the Kirin Tor, Antonidas was murdered.

The Book of Medivh was stolen, which did not bode well for anything that lived. Nilas and his colleagues quickly worked to find and destroy Kel'Thuzad, but Arthas defended him with great skill.

As the final hours of the spell came to a close, Nilas and many of his brethren were approached by Jaina Proudmoore, Antonidas' celebrated apprentice. She urged Nilas to go with her, and warned that there was nothing but doom left in Dalaran. Though many of their kinsmen were too proud to abandon their posts, Nilas agreed that it was probably prudent to leave, and hastily packed his things and left with Jaina. Shortly after, Dalaran was naught but rubble.

Nilas traveled across the sea to Kalimdor. There, however, they found the old enemies of the humans; the orcs. Belieiving them to have pursued them across the sea, they were quick to battle.

Nilas and Jaina both sensed a mysterious power coming from the Stonetalon Peak. They quickly worked to uncover it, but the orcs were hot on their tails. Nilas led the Lordaeron Brigade against them, but he was killed in battle.

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"Tremble, mortals, and despair. Doom has come to this world!"

Race: Eredar

Occupation: Overlord of the Legion Forces

Alignment: Burning Legion

Arguably the single most powerful creature ever to set hoof in the world of Azeroth, Archimonde the Defiler is one of the most "faithful" subjects of the fallen titan, Sargeras. Archimonde is one of the Eredar demons, who forged the first of the warlock magics. His ruthless and cunning personality quickly earned him station and power within the Eredar ranks, until finally, he was first among them.

When Azshara's reckless magics began to attract the attention of Sargeras, Archimonde and Mannoroth led the catastrophic, destructive invasion. With thousands of demonic servants in their wake, they poured through the portal beneath the Well of Eternity, and were let loose upon the ancient land of Kalimdor, razing and bloodletting every structure and creature they came across.

However, a young scholar, Furion Stormrage, gathered a small band of night elves, and, with the help of Cenarius' woodland allies and Alexstrasza's mighty dragon flights, they managed to beat back the demonic hordes, and, in a titanic battle, the portal became unstable and collapsed, sundering the world, and banishing Archimonde and his minions back into the burning pits of the Twisting Nether.

Archimonde brooded for ten thousand years in the dark recesses of the Twisting Nether as they planned for a new invasion. His colleague, Kil'jaeden, found the means through Ner'zhul and, eventually, Gul'dan, on the dying, ancient world of Draenor. With Mannoroth's sinister help, the chieftains of the orcish Hordes were corrupted, and a bloodlust came over them that swept them into a tumultuous frenzy that engulfed their world. The orcs were to be the harbinger of the Legion's return, destroying all they beheld so that none could oppose the Legion. However, after the exodus into Azeroth and Draenor's eventual destruction, the Horde was defeated by the humans of former Arathor, and they failed in their unholy mission.

However, an old tool was found that could once again be put to use. Ner'zhul, the dark shaman of the Shadowmoon Clan, was sent spiraling with his most faithful disciples into the Twisting Nether after attempting to find new worlds to control, and he was found by Kil'jaeden and the Burning Legion. Over time, he was transformed into the Lich King, an ethereal spirit that controlled the undead Scourge, a force so mighty, that it was expected to succeed where the Horde had failed. They did.

Archimonde was chosen to lead the second coming of the Legion, but he needed the means of getting to Azeroth. A being with as much tremendous power as an Eredar needed more magic to summon than a simple Nethrezim, and he waited until finally he was contacted by Kel'Thuzad the Summoner, who, after stealing the Book of Medivh from Dalaran, began the lengthy summoning process. As he proceeded, the skies were split asunder, and mighty infernals and felhounds were brought to aid the Scourge. Finally, it was completed, and Archimonde was brought into the world of Azeroth.

Archimonde first placed Tichondrius in charge of the Scourge, saying that there was no longer any need of the Lich King.

Then, Archimonde proceeded to single-handedly destroy the city of Dalaran.

From "The Sacrifice"The invasion of Lordaeron continued unabated, the magics of Archimonde and Tichondrius summoning hordes of demonic followers, including the diabolical Pit Lord, Mannoroth. Together, they plowed through the nations of Lordaeron, devastating all they beheld. However, Tichondrius soon found that the orcs were missing. The Legion followed them across the sea, where they found not only the orcs but also, the vile night elves who had banished them millennia before. He even met Tyrande, the insolent leader of the Sentinels, who woke the ancient druids, and together, they battled the Legion once again.

Archimonde became aware, then, of a substantial power that hadn't been there before. It was Alexstrasza's World Tree, Nordrassil. It kept the night elves immortal, and granted them their powers over nature. Finally, Archimonde threw the plans of Kil'jaeden and the Legion to the wind. He knew that if he could harness the World Tree's powers for himself, he would be as powerful as Sargeras himself. But, there was resistance in the way. Tyrande and Furion had allied with Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore, and Archimonde was forced to slowly ascended Mount Hyjal, destroying every successive base with the help of Azgalor, a Pit Lord, and Anetheron, his most loyal Nethrezim.

With his ascension going very well, Archimonde didn't notice the ancestral spirits that were amassing at the base of the World Tree.  And as he slaughtered Shandris and her base, he went heedlessly to the Tree, and began to climb it to claim his power, completely unaware of the trap that Furion had set for him. All he knew was that as he neared the Tree, he was growing in size and power, and he was resolved that nothing would stop him.

As Archimonde climbed, Furion raised the Horn of Cenarius and called to the ancestral guardians. They rose from the forest and amassed around Archimonde. They fell upon him, detonating in a massive explosion that destroyed the demon warlock and incinerated the forests around the World Tree; nature herself would not allow his defilement to occur.

Archimonde's brief presence in the world left a terrible scar, though, and it is a fearful idea that he was not the leader, merely the subordinate, of his unholy order.

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"I've heard just about everything from an orc raiding party to a full-fledged invasion force waiting to descend upon us. You know how it is. People are terrified the Horde will return."

Race: Human

Occupation: Captain of the Guard

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

The captain of the guard at Mardenholde Keep, Arden was one of Tirion Fordring's most loyal supporters. Even after Tirion's suspicious behaviour, Arden was confident that Tirion's intentions were in the right, and he even allowed Fordring to leave Mardenholde after his arrest.

After Tirion's exile, Arden looked after his son Taelun.

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Race: Human

Occupation: Paladin

Alignment: Survivors of Lordaeron; Silver Hand

Aurrius the Pure was one of the few Knights of the Silver Hand who heeded Jaina's warnings of doom and left with her across the sea to Kalimdor as the demonic invasion of Lordaeron commenced.

Aurrius struggled against the orcs until they unexpectedly allied with one another. Forever loyal to Jaina, he didn't question this strange turn of events, and fought the demons with the orcs at his side.

Aurrius was given command of a small detachment to command in Winterspring, and they came under constant aerial assault by the undead flyers. But when they tried to retaliate, they came under fire by the night elves moving in the valley below, as well.

Nevertheless, Aurrius survived his plight, and continued to serve Jaina.

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Race: Human

Occupation: Child

Alignment: Lordaeron Alliance

A child of Brill who lived on a farm with her family outside the town. He is the son of Alric, who told Arthas and Jaina how to get to the healing fountain.

Austen is the son of Alric and Daunell Barton, and the brother of Alizabeth and Alex.

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Race: Deity

Occupation: Raven Goddess - Messenger

Alignment: Druids of the Talon

The Lady Raven, Aviana, according to legend, served as a messenger of the gods. Because of the messages she has delivered to Elune and Cenarius, she holds many secrets about the world, and is the patron goddess of mysteries. The Druids of the Talon profess to draw their powers from her boon.


Art by Roman Kennedy?Race: Pit Lord

Occupation: Demon General

Alignment: Burning Legion

One of the most diabolical Pit Lords under Mannoroth, Azgalor was fanatically loyal to the cause of his Demon King and his own master, Archimonde. Azgalor was quick to seize the opportunity that Mannoroth's death offered, and Archimonde promoted him to the position of acting Demon King.

Azgalor's first mission was to accompany Archimonde as he made his dreaded ascension up Mount Hyjal towards Nordrassil, the World Tree. Azgalor unleashed a fury of demonic energies, massacring every mortal in his path. But just as they thought they had achieved victory, Malfurion set loose his wisps which imploded the Tree and incinerated Archimonde. The Legion had been defeated once again.

Azgalor escaped into the Twisting Nether, and plotted his revenge on the world that killed his leaders. Seeking to destroy all life on Azeroth, Azgalor set about gathering whatever resources he could muster for a second attack, vowing that, this time, no one would survive.

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Race: Naga

Occupation: Queen of Nazjatar

Alignment: Quel'dorei

Azshara was once the queen of the Kaldorei on the lands of ancient Kalimdor. She ruled them with benevolence and kindness, and was revered by her people for her beauty and spirit.

Azshara built a palace on the shores of the Well of Eternity, where she and her servants, called the Quel'dorei, or high-borne, studied the Well. Though the Kaldorei civilians continued to adore Azshara, they hated the Quel'dorei for their smug narcissism and the superiority complex they all seemed to possess. 

As they worked to discern the deepest secrets of the Well, Azshara and her followers found that, in time, they could control the flow of its mysterious energies. They had discovered magic.

Wishing to see the limits of her newfound powers, Azshara had many magical experiments done within the confines of her palace, seeking to test herself and her followers. The high-borne began to use magic recklessly and without any caution. 

To the people of Kalimdor, a change had come over Azshara and the high-borne. Though previously something of an annoyance, the high-borne had now become cruel to the populace. Azshara, meanwhile, had secluded herself within her palace, and her skin paled over time. She heedlessly continued to embrace her new identity, and worked to test the limits of the Well's power. Magic became for her an addiction, without which she would slip into a brooding depression. To abate it, she only furthered her magical studies. Soon, however, she attracted attention that was not of this world . . .

Azshara's experiments continued unabated, and soon, she felt a presence so powerful that it overwhelmed her, and she was greeted by the ancient Enemy of All Life. Sargeras.

Azshara, impressed beyond words by Sargeras' power, agreed to allow him passage to their world. The high-borne, too, were dumb with awe as Sargeras filled their minds. Soon, they abandoned worshipping Elune, and instead, worshipped Sargeras as a god. Preparations were made.

Azshara and her followers banded together in a magical network and crafted a portal at the bottom of the Well of Eternity. Archimonde and Mannoroth came hurtling into this world with a legion of demons at their backs, and they ravaged the land, killing every creature in their path.

As all of Kalimdor fell to pieces around them, Azshara and the high-borne basked in the majesty of their magical creation and the power of Sargeras' innumerable demon hordes.

Some time into the invasion, Illidan Stormrage, one of the high-borne who had left her at the will of his brother, Furion, returned to warn Azshara that Furion was attempting to destroy the Well of Eternity to shut down the portal that Azshara had created. Azshara would not hear of that, and immediately prepared for Furion's assault.

The destructive magics she unleashed upon Furion's forces slaughtered most of them, but he came on relentlessly. Tyrande, attempting to attack Azshara from behind, was ambushed by the queen's guardsmen, and though she slew them, she fell with grievous wounds. Furion, enraged by the sight, attacked Azshara. To defend herself, Azshara attacked him with magic.

As their battle progressed, the carefully crafted spells that Azshara had spent so much time creating lost their balance, and the portal collapsed.

The resulting catastrophe sundered the world, and blew Azshara and most of her treacherous followers to the bottom of the sea.

However, in the aftermath of the explosion, the energies of the well transformed the night elves into denizens of the deep. Over time, buried among the sunken ruins of Suramar, Azshara and her followers became the serpentine Naga. Azshara herself continued to transform into an insidious creature, malignant and cunning. More recently, she sent up expeditions of naga to survey the land and attempt to establish a power base. For the time will come, she is confident, when they shall have their revenge.

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"I am Azsune, ancient Princess of the Moon Children. None may pass until my heart is returned to me."

Race: Night Elf (Statue)

Occupation: Princess

Alignment: Kaldorei

Azsune, the night elf princess, long ago mocked the wisdom of the Oracle. As punishment for her insolence, she was transformed into a statue of living stone, guarding the passage to the Oracle's dwelling place.

When Thrall happened upon the statue, the voice of Azsune spoke in his mind, and she told him that she would not rest until her heart was returned to her.

Thrall found the heart in the possession of a dragon. The dragon was killed by harpies, and Thrall retrieved the heart and gave it to Azsune. With this act, he ended the curse, allowing her spirit rest, and also gained access to the Oracle.

The essence of Azsune's heart had come, through unknown means, into the hands of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. They locked it away in the dungeons beneath the city, where it was eventually found by Vashj.

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Race: Doom Guard

Occupation: Demon Commander

Alignment: Burning Legion

The fearsome doom guard called Azzinoth was a great commander of many demons during the War of the Ancients before the Sundering. He met his doom, however, when he came upon Illidan, who, then, was fighting alongside his brother Malfurion. Illidan slew Azzinoth, and took up his weapons, a pair of vicious blades called the Blades of Azzinoth. Over the millennia, Illidan grew more and more adept with the demonic weapons, and likely became more proficient with them than their original owner. He carries them still.

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