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Cole County, MO.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
17172Eben TaylorCentre Towngsw rt. side & shoulder 15.00--
7279James Glenndosurv. 1812 8.00Nov 1871
53182James N. Stapletondow. rt. arm & hand & l. lung 12.00--
73508George TaneyElstoninjury to abdomen 12.00--
158987Hamlin Owindogsw rt. thigh 2.00Apr 1879
35919Abigail A. Austindowidow 8.00Dec 1864
24115Charlotte BondHickory Hillwidow 1812 8.00May 1879
23407Eleanor Jane Henlydodo 8.00Apr 1879
22240Dorcas Robertsdosurv. 1812 8.00Apr 1879
99231Enoch J. TaylorJefferson Cityw. rt. thigh 18.00--
102224Wm. H. H. Graydow. l. arm 2.00--
62705Wm. H. Meyersdow. rt. shoulder 8.00Mar 1867
177072Lottie Johnsondomother 8.00Apr 1877
93927Wm. A. Lockwooddoinj. rt. knee 8.00--
179971Sarah Swiftdomother 8.00Feb 1878
17608James Bohandogsw l. hand 4.00--
157858Milly Williamsdowidow 8.00May 1872
117026Harriet Russelldodo 8.00Aug 1868
139486Xevea Elierdodis. of abdominal viscera 4.00Jun 1876
158338Louis J. Whitsondoinjury to abdomen 4.00Mar 1879
151548John C. Devlindogsw rt. arm, rt. side neck, l. leg 14.00Mar 1878
188061Ellen Carterdomother 8.00Apr 1880
155781Hagar Colemandowidow 8.00Feb 1872
61387Thomas Donohoedogsw l. hand 18.00--
168000Joseph Schneiderdoinjury to abdomen 8.00May 1880
148127Joseph J. Stoffledogsw back & l. thigh 8.00--
166794Wm. Rogersdogsw l. shoulder 4.00--
133437Lucinda Boyddowidow 8.00Aug 1869
111785Calvin Shadwickdogsw face, affecting eyes 8.00--
141725Riley Van Ricedogsw rt. shoulder 4.00Oct 1876
19673Wulfert Diederichdogsw l. hand & chest 18.00--
161117Elijah Williamsdogsw l. shoulder & neck 12.00--
128039George Viviondopains in low'r limbs, or dropsy 4.00May 1874
103049Parley Sweetdoinj. to hip & loins 2.66May 1870
129284John W. Benjamindogsw l. thigh 6.00--
43843John Brady Jr.dogsw l. wrist 8.00--
86876James C. Babbittdogsw rt. arm 17.00--
92778Charles L. Bausbackdodis. of eyes 12.00--
183697Benjamin F. Babbdoinj. rt. wrist 4.00Mar 1881
23407Frederick Buchrledogsw rt. arm & thigh 8.00--
125612Emeline McCartydowidow 8.00Mar 1869
123037Jane Lewisdodo 8.00Jan 1869
152208Agnes Lovedodo 8.00Jul 1871
26250Emma Sandforddowidow 1812 8.00Aug 1879
18377Mary M. Kellerdowidow 8.00Apr 1864
20813Mary Antoinette Readdowidow 1812 8.00Mar 1879
130927Nancy Priordowidow 8.00Jun 1869
169420Fanny Pacedodo 8.00Jun 1875
97058John A. Krippnerdow. rt. thigh 12.00--
181680John Kaleydochronic rheu 2.00Jan 1881
33083Frank Martinekdoloss of l. forearm 18.00--
132520John H. Moasdoinjury to abdomen 4.00Mar 1875
138851Harmon Loeschdogsw rt. thigh 6.00--
57753Zeptha Lanedogsw l. shoulder 6.00--
68866Mack J. Leamingdogsw rt. side 17.00Oct 1867
81069Thomas W. Warddoloss l. arm 18.00May 1867
90976Peter Woodfolkdow. of shoulder 6.00May 1868
64303Elizabeth A. Hardingdowidow 17.00--
142263Elizabeth Dorandomother 8.00Apr 1870
138625Thomas Pricedogsw l. side 4.00Mar 1876
112400Edward W. Childsdogsw l. thigh & inj. to abd 8.00--
4024Wm Gordondogsw rt. shoulder 16.00--
124401Thomas Browndogsw abdomen & l. hip 15.00Aug 1873
195226Rudolf HunjikerMariongsw of head 8.00Aug 1881
10306Anna L. D. Andersondowidow 8.00Dec 1863
155536Eliza ThomasonRussellvilledo 8.00Jan 1872
155957Susan Berrydodo 8.00Feb 1872
152367Henry Jacobsdogsw rt. leg 4.00Apr 1878
90736Sarah M. Hunterdowidow 8.00Feb 1867
197822Henry TweehouseSaint Thomasgsw of head 8.00Nov 1881
215826Otta Bernarddodis. of heart 8.00Jul 1882
97065Anna A. BackersTaoswidow 8.00Jul 1867

Transcribed by Gordon Byers. July 26, 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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