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Taney County, MO.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
87655Curtis MerremianBradleyvillewd. of face, defective vision 8.00--
81479William R. Wrightdoloss rt. thumb 4.00--
56584Mary C. Batemandowidow 8.00--
26307Nancy Hawkinsdowidow 1812 8.00Aug 1879
105223William L. MaydenEglintongsw r. hip 5.00Aug 1870
58317Jane E. KineerForsythwidow 8.00Oct 1865
131880William L. Peckdogen. debil., res. of typh. fever 15.00--
197372Asahel M. Bennettdominor of 14.00Oct 1882
104608Alonzo S. Prather Kerbyvilleinj. to sternum, chr. diarr., & dis. of abdominal viscera 7.50Jul 1870
58490Elihu Pinnelldol. foot crushed 8.00--
132181Reuben C. Bostondodis. of lungs 12.00--
134371John Speerdodo 18.00--
205908John M. Thompsondoch. diarr 4.00Mar 1882
181196Thomas Welchdogsw r. foot 2.00Jan 1881
17491Robert McFarlanddosurv. 1812 8.00Jun 1872
132381Samuel C. BlackKissee Millsinj. to r. shr 6.00--
10807Ralleigh S. O'Nealldowd. r. thigh 4.00Apr 1863
196208Henry M. Forddodis. of l. arm, impure vaccine 6.00Oct 1881
24973Louisa WattsMincywidow 8.00--
169824Henry BakerProtemloss l. ring fing 2.00Jun 1880
16570John W. GaskillSwansunstroke 8.00Sep 1863
62037John H. Balldogsw l. thigh 10.00--
121341Thomas J. Stoutdogsw of neck 4.00--
84625Andrew J. Youngdoloss r. eye, &c 5.00Aug 1867
180499Susan Mooneydodep. mother 8.00Mar. 1878
177725Belinda Garrisondodo 8.00Jun 1877
76974Malinda BookoutWalnut Shade-- 8.00Aug 1868
211714John Batesdogsw r. shr. & back of neck 2.00Jun 1882
58041Elizabeth Maydowidow 8.00--
130956Harvy Stockstilldogsw r. knee 4.00Dec 1874

Transcribed by Gordon Byers. June 20, 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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