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Bates County, MO.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
208088Edwin A. Stopp Adriangsw of abdomen 2.00May 1882
197433Delilah A. Melton dowidow, & c 14.00Oct 1882
147336Horace F. Slevens dogsw right knee 4.00Jul 1877
9494Henry Eyman dowd. right knee 12.00--
176048John Page dogsw right wrist & back 8.00Oct 1880
209692Ephraim K. Peniwell dofever, varix, & c 8.00May 1882
61045Benj. F. Parke dogsw right hand 4.00--
63539George Brundige dogsw left leg & thigh 14.00--
120748Newton Brumback dogsw right thigh 6.00--
161883James J. Tuttle dodis. of abdominal viscera 6.00--
194389John Vanderpool dolumbago 4.00Aug 1881
182513Melvin O. Smith dogsw of lower jaw 2.00Feb 1881
84002Robert W. Beek dowd. right foot 2.66--
1339Ellen Cochran dowidow 8.00Aug 1870
34106Andrew J. Sites dowd. left hand 8.00--
29562Nancy E. Hodges Altonawidow 1812 8.00May 1880
177591Catharine Jones dowidow, & c 8.00Jun 1877
147747Wm. F. Barleth doinj. to eyes 6.00Aug 1877
10073John W. Calhoun Burdettwd. of chest 10.00--
51214Lucinda Phillips dowidow 8.00Jul 1865
105952Asa D. Robbins dowd. left shoulder 5.00Oct 1870
90483James H. Tinsley dowd. right thigh 4.00Apr 1868
217587Benj. Van Horn dodisease of eyes 4.00Aug 1882
50363John H. Riley doamp. left leg above knee 24.00--
166593John G. Keigley Butlerdis. of heart 4.00Apr 1880
23639Mary A. Hill dowidow 1812 8.00May 1879
13505Wm. C. Requa dosurv. 1812 8.00Mar 1872
167652Andrew Sheane doloss sight of right eye 4.00Apr 1880
160878David W. Snyder dogsw left forearm & diar 6.00--
137470Sylvester Dent dopleurisy 4.00--
9862Allran P. Moore dogsw right leg, l. breast, & c 18.00--
92853Jacob Felter dogsw right thigh 6.00--
213726Freeman Davis dochr. rheumatism 20.00Jun 1882
93264Joshua Fisher dogsw left thigh 8.00--
7240Jane C. Boswell dowidow 1812 8.00Jul 1878
181257Lucy A. Hartley dowidow 17.00Jun 1878
21235Harmenia Hardesty dodo 8.00--
116189Enoch J. Price dogsw left arm 6.00Apr 1872
170680Levi T. Faulkner dominor of 10.00Sep 1875
216341Joel M. Sallee dodisease of right leg 4.00Aug 1882
165357Daniel Sherman dodis. abd. vis & gen'l debility 8.00--
200358Joseph M. Schofield dogsw right foot, & c 8.00Jan 1882
53246Hiram C. Wyatt dogsw left side 4.00Nov 1865
202400Wiley Adams dodisease of eyes 4.00Feb 1882
166072Harrison P. Allen doepilepsy 18.00Mar 1880
71427Thomas J. Gillihan doloss of eyesight 8.00--
157675William Burrows doinjury to abdomen 8.00--
44470Alexander H. Crist dogsw left hand 12.00--
142014David M. Carlton dogsw left arm 3.00Oct 1876
151105Reuben Harvey dogsw left knee 4.00Feb 1878
192434James M. Naylor doch. diar. & dis. of liver 4.00Jul 1881
108930Jacob M. Working doinjury to abdomen 6.00--
122358Joseph J. Smart dowd. left thigh 3.00--
147824Richard P. Lemastress dogsw left knee 4.00Aug 1877
204652Harvey Gibson dorheumatism & dis. of eyes 8.00Mar 1882
79561Robert W. Darah doloss of index finger 2.66--
52902Martin O. Sutherland dowd. right foot 10.00--
59769Christopher Tennant doloss of left arm 24.00Mar 1866
115132Betsey C. Smith dodep. mother, & c 8.00Jul 1868
53077Catharine Patty dodep. mother 8.00Aug 1865
142860Elizah Haynes dogsw right great toe 4.00Dec 1876
18183Thomas J. Huggins dowd. left leg 5.33--
96315Hiram Hogge dowd. ing'l regions & thigh 10.00--
30677William W. Tibbetts doloss l. arm 18.00--
79060James H. Hitshew dodis. heart 16.00--
86423John C. Plotts dogsw l. forearm 10.00--
37561Mary Bowers dowidow 8.00Jul 1867
192144James Howard Cove Citydisease of lungs 4.00--
155011William Slein dogsw right breast 6.00--
207664Wm. C. Brummett Danagsw left leg 7.50Apr 1882
220176Robert Kile dodisease of lungs 50.00Nov 1882
65233Rebecca E. Baker dowidow 8.00--
64456Alonzo D. C. Lamphere dogsw r. hip 6.00--
170381David Conwell Hudsondis. of lung & diar 6.00Jun 1880
54977Mary Vanhog dowidow 8.00--
95305Joshua Chitwood dowd. in neck 4.00--
88846Warren Hart dowd. left thigh 12.00--
219281Erastus A. Porter Humediar. & results of measles 4.00Oct 1882
110153Anderson M. Tilman dogsw left breast 6.00--
109659Adam Hofsess dodisease of eyes 4.00Apr 1871
184865James M.Covent doscurvy 4.00Mar 1881
193899Elias F. Brooks Johnstownchronic diarrhea 2.00Aug 1881
132349Thomas J. Wright dowd. of chest & lungs 10.00--
143825Marvin Welker dogsw left arm 6.00--
23838Catharine Brown dowidow 1812 8.00Jun 1879
88445Perry C. Irwin Lone Oakdisease of lungs 12.00--
206058Chester K. Smith Marvelgsw left thigh 2.00Apr 1882
40858Eliza O'Neal Mayesburghwidow 8.00--
223760Vincent W. Mefford dodisease of lungs 4.00Dec 1882
88652Elizabeth Mathews Mulberrydep. mother 8.00Jan 1867
217580George W. Shoopman dogsw left foot 4.00Aug 1882
114364Thomas Wright doinjury to abdomen 8.00--
137445Nelson Cole dogsw of face 18.00Jan 1876
159111David T. Braden dochr. diar. & dis. of heart 6.00--
89765Catharine E. Kershaw dowidow 17.00Feb 1875
210657Peter Grab Papinsvilledisease of eyes 6.00Jun 1882
197365Curtis L. Finch dogsw left index finger 3.00Jul 1877
190517Reuben Westfall Pleasant Gapgsw left shoulder 4.00Jun 1881
135406John R. Mitchell dogsw rt. hand, lft. shr., & c 8.00Aug 1875
36308Ira W. Brooks dogsw left hand & wrist 8.00--
90625John Wehnes Prairie Cityshell wound left leg 8.00--
156284Thomas C. Copeland Rich Hillchr. diar. & dis. of liver 18.00--
207641Joseph Smith dogsw right arm 2.00Apr 1882
173529John W. Snider dogsw left thigh 6.00Sep 1880
152745Fred'k R. French dodisease of kidney 4.00Apr 1878
69165John C. Trindle dowd. left arm 8.00Aug 1866
40753Thomas Pate dogsw left shoulder 4.00--
157879Thomas Montgomery dogsw left side of abdomen 2.00Mar 1879
91486Reuben Weller dodisease of heart 16.00--
156812Lewis W. McKinsey dogsw left great toe 2.00Dec 1878
108082Isaac N. Orr dodis. of abdominal viscera 8.00--
18968John Britton dosurv. 1812 8.00Sep 1872
23450William Haskins dodo 8.00Jul 1878
209455William F. Hudson doscurvy, asthma & c 8.00May 1882
73016William Henry doshell wd. right ankle 6.00--
213738Rhodes M. Hackworth dogsw right leg 8.00Jun 1882
129736Napoleon B. Bruce doinj. to abdom. & inj. to head 8.00Sep 1874
112176Wm. M. M. Andrews dogsw left ankle 4.00--
125457William D. Anderson dominor of 10.00--
69650Joseph J. Badger dochronic diarrhea 16.00--
4580Jeremiah Brown dogsw back, rt. side, & spine 4.00--
61668James Campbell dofract. of patella 6.00--
24749Elizabeth J. Selvey dowidow 8.00--
167024John O. Stotts dodisease of heart 4.00Apr 1880
20853John Mishey dowd. of hip, & c 12.00--
147745Annie Bailey dowidow 10.00Feb 1871
184694James H. Grissom dochro. diarrhea & results 8.00Mar 1881
170884Josiah Jameson doinjury to abdomen 2.00Jun 1880
201931James F. Trowbridge dochro. diar., deafness, & c 4.00Jan 1882
130607Riley Lee doscurvy 6.00--
60240Clinton D. Winchell dogsw l. thigh, & c 14.00--
175323Norman W. Cook doinjury to abdomen 10.00Oct 1880
142347James H. Carter doinj. to back, & c 8.00--
68442Samuel Thurston do-- 4.00Oct 1866
41894Celia Taylor dowidow 8.00Mar 1865
49434Nancy Dever Rockvilledo 8.00Jun 1865
200460Silas A. Meeker dogsw left forearm 2.00Jan 1882
15829Rokert Chillis dogsw left knee 8.00--
85044David M. Coulter Rosiergsw left foot, & c 12.00--
207495James A. Offill Spraguegsw of head 4.00Apr 1882
199185Geo. M. Mikesell dochronic diarrhea 8.00Dec 1881
93904John Wooten Vintongsw right hip 6.00--
151849John H. Mills dogsw of neck 12.00Mar 1878
160037Wm. H. Williams dogsw of right hand 4.00--
125182James M. Thornburgh doinjury to abdomen 14.00--
201212Wm. B. Thornburgh doresults of impure vaccinat'n 2.00--
217439Thomas Hockett dogsw left side & hand 4.00Aug 1882
140211Noah F. Patterson Virginialoss of sight right eye, & c 8.00--
162561Ellen Widdows dodep. mother 8.00Jul 1873
145530Samuel S. Cowan dogsw left knee 4.00May 1877
27674Charles Gardener dow. r. hand 3.00--
144742John J. Simmons Walnut Creekgsw left arm 12.00--
77606Samuel West dogsw right shoulder 6.00--

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Transcribed by Gordon Byers. July 19, 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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