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Barton County, MO.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
154030Fielding R. Smith Coon Creekwd. of left shoulder 4.00Aug 1878
149767Moses B. Robinson Dublininj. to abdomen, dis. eyes, & c 10.00--
133137Andrew B. Tidball dogsw of left hand 2.00Apr 1875
129851John Kempler doblindness of left eye 4.00Sep 1874
170371Barnet V. K. Jester dodisease of lungs 12.00Jun 1880
27163Garland W. Harris dowd. of left thigh 16.00--
186031Samuel W. Huddleston Golden Citydisease of eyes 4.00Mar 1881
10624Vienner Holliday dowidow 8.00Dec 1863
205107William A. Long dogsw of left g't toe 2.00Mar 1882
172673William Preston dogsw of left thigh 2.00Aug 1880
221774James Pusard dogsw of left arm 4.00Dec 1882
67126George H. Hall dowd. of jaw & left arm 8.00Jul 1866
69194Joseph Joslin dogsw of rt. hip 8.00--
199067Solomon Hanna dogsw of rt. leg 4.00Dec 1881
51153David Fast Ianthachron. diarr. & rheu. & dis. & deaf. of left ear 6.00--
192528Emmet H. Purdy dogsw rt. side of neck 2.00Jul 1881
115868Albert G. Scott dogsw left hip 6.00--
117140Hannah Morrow dowidow ----
163099William A. Leach Kenomadis. of left eye 4.00Oct 1879
15496George Groop dowd. above left knee 8.00--
28847Deborah Harvey Lamarwidow 1812 8.00Feb 1880
192156Ann Hunsaker dodep. mother 8.00May 1881
89047James Wilson dowd. of left arm 6.00--
--William A. Leech dowd. of right leg 18.00--
--Charles Arnold dogsw of rt. arm 12.00--
145385Edward Lacy doshell wd. of rt. side 4.00May 1877
202299Andrew S. P. Lybyer dorheumatism 4.00Feb 1882
136512Michael Getz dogsw of head 8.00--
208993George A. Corben dorheumatism & dis. of heart 8.00May 1882
118832George B. Peter dowd. of left leg 6.00--
31251John Proffit dochron. ophthalmia 6.00--
202164Leander Palmer dodisease of left hip 6.00Jan 1882
62487John W. Chamness dowd. of right arm 17.00--
187581Thomas H. Combs doinjury to abdomen 8.00Apr 1881
188766Louis S. Cass dogsw of left side 4.00May 1881
73444David G. Wheeler dogsw of right leg 12.00--
123548Anderson J. Wray dochron. dis. bladder & kidneys 8.00--
199005William L. Short dodis. of lungs 6.00Dec 1881
211818William J. Stinnett dochron. diarr 4.00Jun 1882
211811Noah Stokes dodo 6.00Jun 1882
127794John Bary dogsw left breast 10.00--
70323George Butcher dogsw of left foot 6.00--
212049Addison Baker dochron. diarr 6.00Jun 1882
202217Clarady Barnette dodis. of abdominal viscera 4.00Jan 1882
60973Frank Arnold dogsw left arm & head 18.00--
165603Albert Prather dogsw of left side 8.00Mar 1880
213077Oscar O. Parks dogsw of rt. thigh 4.00Jun 1882
147796Ahi Newlin dochorn. diarr 8.00--
146659Jeremiah R. Philips dogsw face & loss of left eye & gsw of thigh, & c 8.00--
91991Lewis A. Primmer dogsw of mouth 4.00--
173093Rachel M. Hunt dodep. mother 8.00Apr 1876
202902James Wells dodis. of kidneys & eyes 6.00Feb 1882
77033Lewis Mooter dototal blindness 72.00--
36356Peter A. Monson dogsw of left hand 6.00--
175136Sarah J. Smith dowidow 14.00Sep 1876
191159Charles Fast doinjury to abdomen 4.00Jun 1881
4450James Faulkner dowound of head 5.33--
49807John B. Emery dogsw left cheek & left foot 13.75--
53274Mary Tipton dowidow 8.00--
180387Ellen Califf dodo 8.00Mar 1878
142781John V. Elder dogsw left arm & dis. of eyes 8.00--
29032Ellen Lewis dowidow 1812 8.00Apr 1880
216777Joseph Clark dodiarrhea & dis. of abd. vis 8.00Aug 1882
203239William H. Cones dogsw of left hand & loss of mid. finger 4.00Feb 1882
143955Charles W. Huggins dodis. lungs 18.00--
62791John Durney dogsw r. leg 4.00--
157305Josiah Lott dogsw l. thigh 4.00--
31703Isaac Lightle Le Roywd. of right arm ----
43928Anthony Gilmartin doophthalmia 8.00--
130619Henry Clay dogsw forehead 4.00--
154676George W. Rouse Liberaldis. of abdominal viscera 8.00--
79043Mark Stephens dogsw of rt. shoulder 6.00--
114652Samuel G. Boulware doinjury to abdomen 4.00Nov 1871
38318Darius P. Miner dowd. face & jaw 18.00Aug 1869
124557Maria Hart Milforddep. mother 8.00Feb 1869
144927William Winter dogsw l. forearm & l. groin 6.00--
208991Alfred S. Carender dochron. diarr. & bronchitis 4.00May 1882
115018John D. Gibbs docron. diarr. & inj 4.00--
139340Joseph Kremp dogsw of left foot 5.00Nov 1870
13639Elizabeth McMullen Morodwidow 8.00--
46996John Q. Taylor Nashvilletwo gsw left leg 6.00Aug 1865
203071Nelson Van Gundy dodisease of eyes 8.00Feb 1882
115208John Dyer dochron. rheumatism 2.00Jan 1872
13857Esther Randall dodep. mother 8.00Feb 1864
110324James C. Middaugh dowd. left thigh 2.00--
53380Miles Poord Newportwd. of left shoulder 8.00Nov 1865
118239George W. Todd Summitgsw left side 2.00Jul 1872
143531Walter Boun dogsw rt. side of face & neck 4.00May 1877
45316William Young Verdellagsw left hip 8.00Jul 1865
115980Cyrus Dixon dogsw of right side 8.00--

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William H. Finley, Invalid #366.304, apparently should have been listed in 1883, but wasn't. His cause for which pensioned was "disease of lungs." Excellent additional information on some of these pensioners can be found at:
Barton's Civil War Veterans

Transcribed by Gordon Byers. July 13, 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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