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Dunklin County,Mo
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
212586Alfred OrrClarktonch. diarrhea 4.00June 1882
190408Eliz'th Lambertdowidow 8.00Nov 1880
35258John C. Summersdototal blindness 72.00--
149876James K. Clarkdominor of 10.00Apr 1871
197300Sarah GistCotton Plantwidow 8.00Sept 1882
198442Elisha T. Boytdodisease of lungs 4.00Nov 1881
20824William J. StephensFour Milewound rt. shoulder 18.00--
30949Mary Cummingsdodep. mother 8.00Sept 1864
79165Adaline Palmerdowidow 8.00--
153134Nathaniel Paynedodep. father 8.00Aug 1871
95869Dorcas J. ReesKennettwidow 8.00--
77368Nancy CarsonMalden-- 8.00--
86421Wm. W. Nunleydoloss r. ind. fing. from gsw 3.00--
214012John F. Moselydoinjury to abdomen 4.00June 1822
58866Chas McKinneydowd. lower jaw 8.00--
26439Joseph VincentValley Ridgewound r. leg 18.00--
189951John M. Shirleydoscurvy and ulcer rt. leg 6.00June 1881
187213Hester A. Gantdowidow 8.00Mar 1880

Transcribed by Gordon Byers, April 17,2000. Minor corrections made May 23, 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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