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Buchanan County,Mo.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
94027Angeline McGaughey Agencywidow 8.00May 1867
25878Mary A. McCray dowidow 1812 8.00Jul 1879
59326James M. Stewart doinj. r. leg 2.00Aug 1881
113495Zclora Crumpacker DeKalbgsw rt. breast & shoulder 10.00--
118601William R. Oliver dogsw of left hand 8.00Aug 1872
43584Parmelia E. Parnell dowidow 8.00--
101261Mary Bittick Eastondo 8.00--
95582Benjamin F. Boyer dowd of left groin 4.00Feb 1869
121633Nelson Tuck dodisease of eyes 24.00--
104181William T. Tuck docurv. of spine, par. loss of hearing, & debility 18.00--
178097Mary A. Rapp dowidow & minor child 10.00Jul 1877
119128William M. Daniels doinj. to right knee 10.00--
10695George M. Loomis doinjury to abdomen 4.00--
49867William B. Pelham dogsw of rt. thigh & hip 4.00--
51547Charity Lane Frazerdep. mother 8.00Jul 1865
140534Mary A. Workman dowidow 8.00Mar 1870
2062Elizabeth Hudson dodo 8.00--
73548Andrew Blair dowd. of left shoulder & head 4.00--
29674Elizabeth Whitson Garrettsburgwidow 1812 8.00Jun 1880
26968Priscilla Cogdell Halleckdo 8.00Sep 1879
208382Isaac Foote dorheu. & dis. of heart 24.00May 1882
17985Rebecca McDowell Platte Riverwidow 1812 8.00Feb 1879
51584Esther McKinney Rushvilledep. mother 8.00Jul 1865
2075Elizabeth Brown dowidow(act June 3,1858) 8.00--
197001Jacob B. Thomas dogsw of l. shoulder & l. leg 6.00Oct 1881
13019John Pollock dowd. rt. leg 4.00--
174666Francis M. Hinds Saint Josephinjury to abdomen 4.00Oct 1880
196002Robert Taylordoheart disease 6.00Sep 1881
135447Mary Bell dowidow 8.00Oct 1869
49485Lydia Bumeson dodep. mother 8.00Jun 1865
63487Charles C. Crawford dowd. of right hip 4.25--
113205Philip Mack dochr. rheu. of back & limbs 4.00--
50710Lyman C. Bradley dogsw of right thigh 6.00--
3497George K. Donnelly dowd. chest, rt. shldr.,& left side 20.00--
--Bruno Bemmdodisease of eyes 18.00
--Richard B. Hemstreet dodo 8.00--
--Waldo A. Stearnes doinj. rt. molar bone 4.00--
111797Charles H. House dogsw right leg 6.00--
184115William W. Berris dodis. of abdominal viscera 17.00Mar 1881
114799Charles R. B. Thomas dowd. of left wrist 6.00--
2917Geo. H. Moore doneuralgia(Navy) 4.00--
11871Mary B. Cushing dodep. mother 17.00Jan 1864
180712David B. Peabody dogsw of left thigh 2.00Jan 1881
52657Peter Wolfer dogsw of face 8.00Nov 1865
19196Adolph Phildius dogsw of left leg 8.00Sep 1863
212224Albert Palmer dosunstroke & result. paralysis 24.00Jun 1865
126425William H. Carpenter dogsw of right thigh 6.00Jan 1874
125594August Aubuchon dogsw of right hand 6.00--
54722Thomas Allen dowd. of left side 4.00--
126198William Atkinson dogsw rt. hand & left arm 12.00--
80032Franklin Butler dogsw rt. shoulder 8.00--
128881James H. Blagg dogsw of left hand 8.00Jun 1874
54743John Bonham dodo 6.00--
128227Linzy Butlerdochron. diarr 14.00--
14203Lucius C. Booth doloss lst finger rt. hand 2.66--
102843William Saare dogsw of forearm 8.00--
107323William Striblen dogsw right foot 15.00Jan 1871
59022William H. Stratton doloss of rt. arm ab. elbow 24.00--
187765William V. Scull doinjury to abdomen 12.00May 1881
17613Elias Timerson dodo 4.00--
18310Frank M. Tracy dogsw & disease 11.33Oct 1863
17173John N. Thomas doamp. rt. arm ab. elbow 24.00--
152562Pet'r Van Volkenburgh dogsw of back & l'ft thigh 4.00Apr 1878
31733Anton Wanger dofracture of 3 ribs 12.00--
107240Enoch G. Warhurst dogsw of head 8.00--
210096John W. Scott dodisease of lungs 8.00May 1882
144354John Ruberson dogsw of abdomen 4.00Mar 1877
125934Thomas F. Roberts dogsw of left wrist joint 8.00Dec 1873
103509Charles F. Schoeneck dochron. diarr. & debility 4.00--
117487Christopher Schreiber doinjury to abdomen 8.00--
38746Frank Steever doinj. to left ribs 4.00--
85080Laura Francis dodep. mother 8.00Oct 1866
108348Margaret F. Friend dowidow 8.00Feb 1868
24296Annie B. Blanton dodo 8.00--
43664Ruth Branson dodo 8.00--
176052Zarilda Bass dodo 8.00Jan 1877
158731Nathan Reynolds dominor 10.00Oct 1877
182537Martin L. Vigus dodo 10.00Nov 1878
26086Hannah Davis dowidow 1812 8.00Jul 1879
30001Annie Dunning dodo 8.00Jul 1880
147786Gustav Zunkel dogsw of right arm 2.00Sep 1877
190813Penina Hunt dowidow 17.00Jan 1881
191142Annie Hollman dodo 8.00Feb 1881
197655John T. Warburton dogoitre 2.00Nov 1881
23739George W. Wilson dochr.rheum 6.00--
148932Robert Stewart dogsw of throat & breast 12.75Oct 1877
50947George W. McDaniel dowd. left breast & chest 8.00--
123971Herman Mantler dogsw of left foot 8.00Jun 1874
31888James P. Moore dohypertrophy of heart 8.00Aug 1864
122736William Washington dogsw of right knee 5.00--
68972Pembroke V. Wise dogsw of right leg 17.00--
64965Reuben Williams dodisease of eyes 24.00--
84827George F. Rose dowd. of left breast 4.00--
1612Anna Hamilton dowidow 17.00--
81766Evaleen Holcomb dodo 8.00--
197468Catharine Garsting dodep. mother 8.00Oct 1882
21176Sarah Garner dowidow 8.00--
54514George T. Newcomb doulcers of rt. leg 10.00--
11031Frederick K. Noyes doinjury to abdomen 4.00--
49876Thomas McKinnie dogsw rt. arm 11.33Sep 1865
128052Frank Randall dodo 4.00May 1874
83307Charles Roth dofrac. of ribs 18.00--
83221John D. Ogelsby dogsw of left hand 6.00--
125219Vina Shadrick dowidow 8.00Feb 1869
197598Mary L. Sterling dowidow & minors 12.00Nov 1882
43667Elizabeth A. Castle dowidow 20.00--
78754Sarah Smith dodo 8.00--
36474Rosina Sutler dodo 8.00--
144135Mary J. Smuth dodep. mother 8.00Aug 1870
172950Elizabeth Sommer dowidow 8.00Apr 1876
17883Anna H. Stinsman dodo 8.00--
189760Nancy A. Wolverton dowidow & minors 12.00Sep 1880
187592Miriam Wilson dodep. mother 8.00Mar 1880
38473Mary Warburton dowidow 8.00--
156869Martha J. Witten dodo 8.00Mar 1872
121315Genoveza Weipert dodo 8.00--
15190Sindrilla Vaughn dodo 8.00--
29741Caroline Uhl dodo 8.00--
29864Ann Casey dodo 8.00--
165199William Day doinj. to right hip & both hds 18.00Mar 1880
68131William R. Deakins dogsw l. hand & loss of thumb 8.00--
44308Burnham M. Decker doloss of rt. forearm 18.00--
25773Frederick G. Doebelin dodisease of heart 8.00--
95829Peter Dutton doinjury to abdomen 14.00--
220488Alfred Elliott dogsw of right shoulder 4.00Nov 1882
118297Benjamin C. Eddy dogsw of right arm 8.00Aug 1872
80904Conrad Folche dogsw of rt. shoulder,both thighs & legs 18.00--
54527David Frendenthal doinjury right leg 12.00--
181231John Frank dogsw of right leg 1.00Jan 1881
15188Wilhelmina Maria Rodde dowidow 8.00--
118432Joseph W. Nay dogsw l. thigh & r. leg 10.00--
44093Thomas Lee doinjury to abdomen 8.00--
135026Wilson P. Lucas dogsw left side of abdomen 8.00Jul 1876
57746Amos A. McIninch dogsw r. side of face & shldr. 24.00--
118459Austin McClurg dogsw r. side 10.00--
92982John A. Wheeler dogsw of rt. sh'ld'r & chest 4.00--
110783Honora Dinnehy dowidow 8.00Mar 1868
180343Mary A. Cogdell dodep. mother 8.00Mar 1868
197566Sarah J. Cameron dowidow 8.00Oct 1882
137290Nancy Crocker dodep mother 8.00Dec 1869
111898John Young doshell wd. left arm 8.00--
12089John C. Register dosurv. 1812 8.00Feb 1872
192654James G. Young dopartial deafness both eyes 4.00Jul 1881
52475Joseph Wiehl doloss 2d finger rt. hand 4.00--
67940Maria Ann Mollett dowidow 8.00--
125741Lucinda McClurg dodo 8.00Mar 1869
192866Sarah A. Lancaster dodep. mother 8.00Jul 1881
181229Margaret Kessler dowidow and minor 12.00May 1878
129608Amanda Jones dowidow 8.00May 1869
79520Charlotte Inman dodo 8.00--
30383Lucy Bush Todd dowidow 1812 8.00Sep 1880
28611Lucinda Sage dodo 8.00Jan 1880
29646Margaret Gibson dodo 8.00Jun 1880
39748Patrick Mears dowd. of rt. thigh 2.00--
121967Amanda Phelps dowidow 8.00Dec 1868
49145Calvin P. Kingsbury dogsw of left leg 6.00Sep 1865
69042Seril P. Hyde dobronchitis 20.00Aug 1866
121559Seno Heaston dogsw of left side 6.00--
121284Rudolf Haas dogsw of rt. knee 8.00Jan 1873
125073Robert Harvey doinjury to abdomen 4.00Sep 1873
214095Richard Horrigan dogsw rt. groin 4.00Jun 1882
81936William B. Kemper dowd. of right thigh, & c 15.00--
22150Robert Killen dogsw of right thigh 2.00--
140367Frederick Ludwig dodisease of eyes 6.00Aug 1876
213153James L. Cline dogsw of left thigh 6.00Jun 1882
63000George Hull dogsw of rt. leg 20.00--
208393Egbert O. Hill dogsw of r. thigh & chr. diar. 15.00May 1882
172420Daniel Honisher doinjury to abdomen 8.00Aug 1880
106466John Cross dogsw of rt. thigh 8.00--
132996Joseph Kerner doinjury to abdomen 8.00Apr 1875
64417Joseph Hansen dobayonet wd. rt. hand 6.00May 1866
77346John Gellottly dow.r. thigh, left arm, & chest 6.00--
60164James M. Gibson dowd. of right hand 10.00Mar 1866
157336Anderson Hill doinjury to abdomen 8.00--
122916Samuel O. Beatty dogsw left groin 6.00Apr 1873
67288Robert C. Bradshaw dowd. sh'ld'r,thigh, &c 30.00Jul 1866
112173Joseph R. Harris doamp. r. thigh 24.00--
169979Anna M. Lushbaugh domother 8.00Jul 1875
129158Thomas F. Skeed doloss finger l. hand 2.00--
166739John S. Hanlin dogsw l. hip 4.00Apr 1880
98393Dallas S. Lewis dogsw r. arm 6.00--
28865Anna J. Kiger Saxtonwidow 1812 8.00Mar 1880
29186Martha Chaney Stanleydo 8.00Apr 1880
180465Charles C. Dail Wallacedisease of the lungs 2.00Jan 1881
105444Frances Frailey Winthropwidow 8.00--
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Transcribed by Gordon Byers. 23 May 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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