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Bollinger County, MO.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
108798Rebecca Farmer Bessvillewidow 8.00Feb 1868
122225Jesse Cokenhour Bollinger's Millswd. rt. heel 4.00Mar 1873
47143George Shryock dogsw l. thigh 6.00--
58379David Hall dogsw lft. leg 6.00--
183739William Nevin dogsw both thighs 6.00Mar 1881
17492Aaron Bollinger Dolle's Millssurv. 1812 8.00Jun 1872
194362Adolph Gibbs Glen Allengsw of thorax, & c 4.00Aug 1881
219503Eleazer H. Gilbert doinjury to abdomen 4.00Oct 1882
136640Edwin W. Bretz dogsw lft. shoulder 8.00--
75612John N. Howe Laflinch. diarrhea 6.00--
25873Oranda Richardson dowidow 8.00--
43255John A. Millard dogsw neck & r. should 6.00--
112632Green B. Tally Lutesvillechr. rheumatism 18.00--
161992William A. May doch. diarrhea 2.00Aug 1879
24301Samuel W. Dunkin dodiarrhea & h't disease 8.00--
21971Peter Anton dowd. lft. arm, & c 5.33--
150133Patrick Ahearn dogsw rt. should 6.00Dec 1877
165786Henry Bidewell dogsw rt. knee 4.00Mar 1880
91600Rainey Sears dolameness lft. leg, & c 12.00--
191850Fred. A. Stanton dopar. loss rt. index finger, & c 6.00Jun 1881
182068Nancy Young dodepd. mother 8.00Sep 1878
194226Rebecca Winchester dodo 8.00Jan 1882
14495Marietta A. Whitman dowidow 17.00--
101705Sarah Shell dodepdt. mother 8.00Oct 1867
188852John C. Wann dorheumatism, & c 8.00--
180992Sarah A. Murphy dowidow 8.00May 1878
73350Mary Leaver dodo 8.00May 1866
9735John Able dosurv. 1812 8.00Dec 1871
197820Matilda Hill dowidow 8.00Nov 1882
149608David L. Phelps dodis. of eyes & rheum 14.00--
29638George E. Clark dogsw left leg 8.00Jun 1864
125891Biddy A. Smith Marble Hilldepdt. mother 8.00--
195932Alexander W. Browning dogsw lft. groin, & c 18.00Sep 1881
199308Jefferson Bess dochr. diarrhea 6.00Dec 1881
171255Sandy Philip dorheumatism 8.00--
123703Elias Wells doloss of sight. & c 10.00--
90749Margaret Caby dowidow 8.00Sep 1867
72583Elizabeth James dodo 8.00--
173391Elizabeth McJimsey dodepdt. mother 8.00May 1876
222027Henry A. Malry dochr. diarrhea, & c 8.50Dec 1882
94650Andrew J. Cornelison doloss left forearm 18.00Dec 1868
196314William Billings dogsw left hand 8.00Oct 1881
23492James B. Leming Pattonwd. of lft. arm 18.00Feb 1864
192897Andrew J. Smith dogsw left hand, & c 12.00Jul 1881
155712Justus T. Rockwell dogsw left thigh 4.00Oct 1878
192793Samuel C. Barber Sedgewickvilledo 4.00Jul 1881

Transcribed by Gordon Byers. June 12, 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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