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Jefferson County, MO.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
192795Sophia WunschAntoniadep. mother 8.00Jun 1881
207906Charles Rettingdogsw of left thigh 2.00May 1882
196791Adolph Casseldodisease of heart 12.00Oct 1881
159240Sarah FultonAvocawidow 8.00Aug 1872
118345Anna HamiltonCrystal Citydo 8.00Sep 1868
10674James H. BaldwinDe Sotogsw of left thigh 8.00--
32265Joseph Walltherdowd. of r't arm 17.00--
22278Susannah Mannessdowidow 1812 8.00Apr 1879
188888Rhoda Lewisdodept. mother 8.00Jun 1880
28454Lucinda Gowendowidow 1812 8.00Jan 1880
149108George Sterzeldogsw left shoulder 8.00Nov 1877
72464Charles W. Harmonydogsw right shoulder 4.00--
146657Samuel Washburndogsw right arm & hand 1.00Jun 1877
214847Michael Dickermandogsw of back 4.00Jun 1882
40808William Lorenzdowd. side near spine 8.00--
157587John C. Wattdogenl. debility from typhoid fever 8.00Feb 1879
204044Michael Raymunddoinjury to abdomen 4.00Mar 1882
55701Leaha J. Davis(1) dowidow8.00--
101258Margaret RolfDittmer's Storedo 8.00Oct 1867
89318Charlotte Johnsondodo 8.00Jan 1867
206292Isaac E. PoundsFrumetchron. rheumatism 4.00Apr 1882
131663Armstrong O'HaraHematiteshell wound of head 4.00Jul 1865
214039Robert Richardsondogsw of left hand 2.00Jun 1882
17880Rebecca E. TowHigh Ridgewidow 8.00--
15056Mary Enwrightdodo 8.00Mar 1864
194669William Sippdominor 10.00Mar 1882
194749Benjamin M. LanhamHillsboroughgsw of left hip 2.00Aug 1881
142874John T. Huskeydorheumatism 18.00Dec 1876
173861Dorothy Frazierdodep. mother 8.00Jun 1876
24905Landon S. Williamsdowd. of r't forearm 8.00--
142649Elvira Adamsdowidow 8.00May 1870
99663Rebecca Dearingdodep. mother 8.00Sep 1867
153962James G. Wilson Sr.(2) dodisease of lungs8.00Jun 1878
21197Joseph Burkhartdogsw of left arm 8.00--
142539David Cliftondominor 12.00--
149455William C. Roiff(3) dogsw head2.00Nov 1877
181923Isaac M. Risleydochr. bronchitis, dis. lungs 6.00Feb 1881
159462Henry KyleHouse's Springsdisease of lungs 6.00Apr 1879
117553Seth IrwinKimmswickgsw of left breast, & c 12.00--
113080Margaret Reisdodep. mother 8.00May 1868
117242Lucinda Wilburndowidow 8.00Aug 1868
83215Catharine Haffnerdodep. mother 8.00--
13073Frederick Beyersdorffdoloss of left arm 18.00--
91884Barbara GenelchMaxvilledep. mother 8.00--
162515Constantine Meyer(4) dogsw of left lower jaw4.00Oct 1879
181845Newton EoffMorse's Millchron. diar. & curv. of spine 12.00Jan 1881
119528Sarah L. Kanedowidow 8.00Oct 1868
29756Margaret Hanoydowidow 1812 8.00Jun 1880
101265Ellen AdamsPevelydep. mother 8.00--
169523Patrick O'Loughlindoinj. of breast & head 4.00Jun 1880
125826Nancy LavellyRush Towerdep. mother 8.00Mar 1869
11784Reuben Waggenerdosurv. 1812 8.00Jan 1872
157158John Priesterdogsw of right hand 6.00Jan 1879
26420Jane G. Brooksdowidow 1812 8.00Aug 1879
108734Henry W. MyerSandy Bridgeshell wd. of r't leg 2.00Mar 1871
84362Arcady LeeSulphur Springs Landingwidow 8.00Sep 1867
177988Lydia A. Franklindodep. mother 8.00Jun 1877
38792Philip R. HaverstickVictoriashell wd. of head & deafness 8.00--
8163Andrew J. Dickerdorffdoaffection of spine 8.00--
158221Christopher Ruppeldo-- ----
118834Ira C. Bonneldoinjury to abdomen 18.00--
168792Susan PerryVinelandwidow 20.00May 1875

Letters in the above noted entries are in question:
(1)"A" in Leaha(2)"I" in Wilson (3)"O" in Roiff(4)"Y" in Meyer

Transcribed by Gordon Byers. July 19, 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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