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500 years in the future, there was a major argument. World disasters had
taken their toll on the human race and only a million people lived on the
planet, mostly in the USA. Man was just starting to use petrol driven
transport again - cars were on the roads and planes were in the air. The big
debate was about cars and aeroplanes. One scientist - Zak Smith proposed
that cars had evolved into aeroplanes over millions of years, purely by
luck. The car had originally evolved from the microchip, before that fir
trees and before that, rock.

Another scientist, Bob Williams II thought this was a ridiculous idea, He
believed that they were both the brilliant creation of an intelligent
creator and that they had been created separately.  Eventually the
scientists had a big debate on TV.....

Presenter: Hi, I'm Ed. In this evenings show, the big car-plane debate. Bob
Williams will somehow try to disprove the theory of evolution with his
controversial 'intelligent design' theory. Good luck Bob! (laughs)

[Audience laughs]

Smith: Well, He'll certainly need it Ed, Only this week; some of our men in
England have found some incredible stuff. In the shallow seas of the beaches
of Brighton we have found some excellent transitional forms. Where the
remains of an old 'pier' can be found, there are about 20 examples of the
evolution of the car to the aeroplane. Some bizarre specimens, apparently. I
can't wait to see them with my own eyes.What a goldmine.
Williams: I'll believe it when I see it Zak.
Smith: Well, you're in for a shock dude!
Williams: Well, I would like to quote a line from the book on....
Smith: Oh, not the sacred book again. Why do you always use that piece of
rubbish? Is that all the "evidence" you have?
[Audience laughs]
Williams: It is clearly stated in the Rolls Royce driver manual 1994 that
and I quote: "The first Rolls Royce was originally designed in Cambridge
England. The first prototype was made in the Hackney plant, London.  "
(Introduction 2:15)
Smith: And exactly what authority does this book hold, Bob? Come off it, the
very same book claims that man made the wheel. We have clearly shown that
the wheel formed from nothing, billions of years ago
Williams: But look at the architecture in the body, look at that engine, can't
 you see that this is the work of an intelligent designer!

[Audience laughs]

Smith: [laughs]
Williams: "And there's more: Rolls Royce have recently added an extra
compartment in the glove box for extra security. Perfect for valuables and
loose money" (Accessories 35:12) That's exactly what we have on our most
advanced cars!
Smith: [laughs] Can't we have an intelligent debate without using that
ridiculous book Bob? I mean, saying that the Rolls Royce driver manual
proves the existence of an intelligent designer of the car is like saying
that comics prove the existence of superman!

[audience laughs]

Williams: " Rolls Royce have supplied engines to many Aeroplane
manufacturers and we are hoping that our branch into aviation will be a
successful one and an excellent building block for the future of Rolls
Royce" (Corporate Information 2:16)
Smith: [laughs] See, the book contradicts itself. The 'engine', which we
actually call the "enginatraylonesis hypniresys"can be found in many species
of vehicle, ranging from motorcycles to cars, to aeroplanes. Just look at
the evidence. Planes have the wheels, the engine, and the windscreen, they
have so many similarities with cars! The evidence is overwhelming, Bob!
Williams: But lots of truths do not make a fact, Zak. They may be similar,
but can you prove the evolution under test conditions? And if they evolved
over millions of years, there should be millions of transitional specimens,
or the remains of them. Where are the cars with wings, Zak?
Smith: Look, Bob I've already told you about the Brighton findings. Also,
can you recreate your theory under test conditions? I don't think so. It's
just religious nonsense. You and other believers are living in a dream
world. Our theory is based on solid evidence.
Williams: What solid evidence?!?!?
Smith: It's called science, Bob![laughs]
[audience laughs]
[curtain down]

©  A. Nobes  1999

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