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Low tech grass roots net access for real people.
Pedestrians, public transport and pushbikes on the information super hypeway.

We have moved out of our warehouse at Turrella into cyberspace. We can still be contacted via cat at cat.org.au or come to our open meetings, First Monday of every month 7.30pm at a roving Sydney location, check http://www.active.org.au/sydney/ for details  

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The catalyst geeks created theopen-source self-publishing software
which you use atwww.active.org.auandwww.sydney.indymedia.org

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Cat is involved in mirroring projects to keep information flowing free. 
Juicy thanks totao, a canadian activist collective, for mirroring this site.

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sister projects--websites hosted on CAT servers
Active Sydney Reclaim the Streets  
BOX zine Black Rose Books Organarchy
mpfree Disenchanted Workers Union Filthy Jabilucre
BIKEast Sheila Autonomista Unreal Estate
Skip Watch UltraSex Cave Clan Mirror
Burning Forests Scooter Rock-Chix Revoltin' Pussycat
CAT-TV (archive) Anarchist Propaganda Archive Greenhouse gas calculator
Parramatta Computer Access Network (PCAN)   Sydney Mens Festival
Mekanarky Virtual Palestine
Ecoliving Centre SCAN - Social Centres Autonomous Network ..:QUIZ CAT:.. [queensland underground and independent zines]

links and resources

Cat's links page
  Versions of Freedom      Critical Mass      Justice Action
Spectacular Times         Australia's Forgotten War

Local copies of major anarchist resources:
     Spunk Press     The original site is athttp://www.spunk.org
     Anarchy for AnybodyThe original is athttp://www.radio4all.org/anarchy/
     Anarchist FAQ  The original is athttp://flag.blackened.net/intanark/faq/