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The Party's word is not only done on the state and local level, it is also done withing various social movements. For this work, the Party's National Committee established Commissions. All members in good standing are encouraged to get involved in Commission work.


Arts & Culture Commission- Chair: Angel Martinez 
Faith & Socialism Commission- Chair: Antonio Salas. 477 Jean St. Apt. C Oakland, CA 9460
International Commission- Chair: Eric Chester
Labor Commission- Chair: Matt Andrews 
Native American Commission- Chair: Hunter Gray 2000 Sandy Ln. Pocatello, ID 83204
People of Color Commission- Chair: Erik Toren 1008 El Campo Dr. San Juan, TX 78589
Queer Commission- Chair: vacant
Women's Commission- Chair: Susan Dorazio 43 Taylor Hill Rd. Montague, MA 01351
Youth Commission-
Interim Convener: Tina Phillips

Young People's Socialist League- c/o PO Box 204 Yellow Springs, OH 45384

Commission Guidelines:
* All Party members are strongly encouraged to join a Party Commission
* If it finds merit in the proposal, the National Committee may issue a conditional six month charter and appoint the motivator of the proposal "Interim Convener/Chair"
* Commissions must maintain membership rolls, elect officers and submit minutes of meetings or mail votes to the National Office. The National Committee directs the National Secretary to solicit reports from all existing Commissions. Commissions who do not respond will be de-chartered.
* The National Committee shall review a conditional charter at the end of a 6 months. If the new commission has met the National Committee's guidelines, the commission shall be chartered outright. If it has not, the NC is empowered to renew the conditional charter for 6 more months. The NC may continue to renew conditional charters as many times as it wishes, but if the National Committee ever fails to renew a conditional charter at the end of a 6 month period, the charter shall be null and void.
* All Commissions shall accept YPSL members as voting members at YPSL's request.

Commission conveners/chairs are official Party spokespeople on topics related to their commissions

Commission Report Forms (pdf)