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  Doctorate Degrees                                  

A good candidate for a Doctorate degree would be someone who needs the qualification to facilitate foreign travel, obtaining a work visa, publish a book or professional articles, join professional associations or to elevate his or her standing in professional circles, particularly in the consulting field. The Doctorate is earned by candidates who complete advanced level coursework and demonstrate theoretical competence leading to a dissertation which the faculty recognizes as a contribution to the literature of the discipline. A minimum of 30 credits must be earned under supervision of American Pacwest International University faculty after enrollment.The dissertation is an independently developed study intended to make the candidate's specialized knowledge available to his or her profession. It consists of three major components: the analytical exposition, the critical context, and the integrative conclusion. For American Pacwest International University, the disclosure of both the context of the study and the fulfillment of the student's purpose are the direct responsibility of the degree candidate. A departmental committee will supervise the progress of the dissertation, as in a traditional university setting.Whenever a published book, set of published articles or an equivalent accomplishment in the student's chosen field is submitted in lieu of a dissertation, the candidate is required to complete a Research Summary.


Upon enrollment, the university provides a Student Handbook with complete instructions and examples.

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Doctor of Education
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