Captain Thomas L. Speed's

The Union Regiments of Kentucky

In 1897, the Union Soldiers and Sailors Monument Association, Louisville, Kentucky, published The Union Regiments of Kentucky. The regimental histories and the sketch of the military campaigns were written by Captain Speed. Colonel R. M. Kelly wrote the essay describing the political conditions during the war. Major Alfred Pirtle wrote the biographical sketches.

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Military Campaigns

Essay on Military Campaigns Involving the Kentucky Union Regiments

Biographical Sketches

Speed S. Fry
Edward H. Hobson
James M. Shackelford
S. G. Burbridge
William J. Landrum
Theophilus T. Garrard

Cavalry Regiments

1st Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Frank M. Wolford
2nd Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Buckner Board
3rd Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel James S. Jackson
4th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Jesse Bayles
5th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel David R. Haggard
6th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Dennis J. Halisy
7th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Leonidas Metcalfe
8th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel James M. Shackleford
9th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Richard T. Jacob
10th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Joshua Tevis
11th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Alexander W. Holeman
12th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Quintus C. Shanks
13th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel James W. Weatherford
14th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Henry C. Lilly
15th Kentucky Cavalry - Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Netter
16th Kentucky Cavalry - Major George F. Barnes
17th Kentucky Cavalry - Colonel Samuel F. Johnson

Infantry Regiments

Colonel James F. Buckner's Regiment
1st Kentucky Infantry - Colonel James V. Guthrie
2nd Kentucky Infantry - Colonel William E. Woodruff
3rd Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Thomas E. Bramlette
4th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Speed S. Fry
5th Kentucky Infantry (The Louisville Legion) - Colonel Lovell H. Rousseau
6th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Walter C. Whitaker
7th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Theophilus T. Garrard
8th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Sidney M. Barnes
9th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Benjamin C. Grider
10th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel John M. Harlan
11th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Pierce B. Hawkins
12th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel William A. Hoskins
13th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Edward H. Hobson
14th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Laban T. Moore
15th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Curran Pope
16th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Charles A. Marshall
17th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel John H. McHenry, Jr.
18th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel William A. Warner
19th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel William J. Landrum
20th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Sanders D. Bruce
21st Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Ethelbert L. Dudley
22nd Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Daniel W. Lindsey
23rd Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Marcellus Mundy
24th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Lewis B. Grigsby
25th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel J. M. Shackleford
26th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Stephen G. Burbridge
27th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Charles D. Pennebaker
28th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel William P. Boone
29th Kentucky Infantry (consolidated)
30th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Francis N. Alexander
31st Kentucky Infantry (organization abandoned)
32nd Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Thomas Z. Morrow
33rd Kentucky Infantry - Lieutenant Colonel J. F. Lauck
34th Kentucky Infantry (Louisville Provost Guard) - Colonel Henry Dent
35th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Edmund A. Starling
36th Kentucky Infantry (consolidated)
37th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Charles S. Hanson
38th Kentucky Infantry (consolidated)
39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry - Colonel John Dils, Jr.
40th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Clinton J. True
41st Kentucky Infantry (thirty-day regiment)
42nd Kentucky Infantry (thirty-day regiment)
43rd Kentucky Infantry (consolidated)
44th Kentucky Infantry (abandoned)
45th Kentucky Mounted Infantry - Colonel John Mason Brown
46th Kentucky Infantry (abandoned)
47th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Andrew H. Clark
48th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Hartwell T. Burge
49th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel John G. Eve
50th Kentucky Infantry (transferred to 49th Kentucky Infantry)
51st Kentucky Infantry (transferred to 37th Kentucky Infantry)
52nd Kentucky Infantry - Colonel John H. Grider
53rd Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Clinton J. True
54th Kentucky Infantry - Colonel Harvey M. Buckley
55th Kentucky Mounted Infantry - Colonel Weden O'Neal

Batteries, Engineers, State Troops and Militia, Etc.

First Kentucky Independent, or Simmond's, Battery
Battery A
Battery B
Battery C
Battery E
Patterson's Engineers
State Troops Proper
State Militia Proper
Appendix: Colored Soldiers

The following sections are not part of Speed's Union Regiments of Kentucky.

"The Forgotten Kentucky Regiments"

United States Colored Troops Recruited and Organized in Kentucky: 5th U.S. Colored Cavalry; 6th U.S. Colored Cavalry; 100th U.S. Colored Infantry; 107th U.S. Colored Infantry; 108th U.S. Colored Infantry; 109th U.S. Colored Infantry; 114th U.S. Colored Infantry; 115th U.S. Colored Infantry; 116th U.S. Colored Infantry; 117th U.S. Colored Infantry; 118th U.S. Colored Infantry; 119th U.S. Colored Infantry; 122nd U.S. Colored Infantry; 123rd U.S. Colored Infantry; 124th U.S. Colored Infantry; 125th U.S. Colored Infantry; 8th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery; 12th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery; 13th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery.

"The Forgotten Kentucky Regiments"

Maps from the Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion

Maps from the Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion

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Gallery of Biographies and Images of Kentucky Soldiers

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Gallery of Biographies and Images of Kentucky Soldiers

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Dyer's Compendium

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