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In addition to the comprehensive database of information that we offer online, Project Vote Smart also produces two major publications: The Voter's Self-Defense Manual and the Reporter's Source Book. These publications help inform the public about the elected officials that represent them, educate the public about major election issues, and outline the components of the Voter's Self-Defense System. Both publications are funded as a gift from the 46,000 members of PVS and are updated every two years for each general election.

The Voter's Self-Defense Manual

The Voter's Self-Defense Manual (VSDM) is a starting point for direct access to information about your candidates and elected officials. It contains a sampling of the PVS online database with information on Congressional members' voting records, interest group ratings, campaign contributions, and contact information. This publication is available free of charge to all citizens. You can receive a copy in one of the following ways:

Request a printed copy by calling: 406-859-8683

Download the Voter's Self-Defense Manual

The Reporter's Source Book

The Reporter's Source Book (RSB) provides a concise overview of major national issues as well as a contact directory for hundreds of sources useful to journalists. These sources include issue organizations, think tanks, academic experts, and federal agencies. This publication is available free of charge to political journalists and Project Vote Smart members. You can receive a copy in one of the following ways:

Request a printed copy by calling: 406-859-8683

Download the Reporter's Source Book

The Project Vote Smart Video

10 minute presentation on why we began the Project, our programs and free services and the extrodinary place we work in.

Request a VHS copy by calling: 406-859-8683

View the Project Vote Smart Video


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