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29 Dec 2005

In Toronto [link to pics] - 29 December 05

I've been in Toronto since the 25th to see my family for a number of happy reasons.

In my walkabouts through the downtown area, I find the corporate sameness an irritation. All the major brand name outlets have stores in malls and on the major streets. Dundas and Young St looks like Times Square in New York City. Queen Street West was once as funky as Main Street south is now. Today, west of the CityTV/Muchmusic, it has the same stores as on Robson Street.

One nice thing: On Queen Street West, the City of Toronto did not let them tear down the buildings. The stores had to keep the facade intact so they don't stand out as much.

Other observations:

Many Toronto people don't wear head coverings [hats, toques, baseball caps] when it is not raining or snowing.

Some of the homeless don't even seek shelter from the storm. I see them curled up in the middle of the sidewalks.

The City of Toronto and the TTC [Toronto Transit Commission] are very pro-active about recycling. There are many open bins at every subway station that attempt to divert cans, bottles and newspapers from the landfill. Similar purpose bins are at many places throughout the city. I wonder what the success rate is.

More later....

Here are the pictures I have taken in Toronto

21:25 PM :: 29 Dec 2005

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