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Miss Kitty's Cat Humor Pages is a fun site that looks at the lighter side of being owned by cats. Cat lovers will find jokes, essays, cat trivia, and other great cat-related materials.
**Rated PG**
English-Zone.Com is a fantastic site for students, teachers, or enthusiasts of the English language. You'll find grammar lessons, quizzes, games, phrasal verbs, worksheets, printable materials, jokes, American idioms, and much more!
**Rated G - kid safe!**
Stop Me If You've Heard This Before... is an irreverant site full of old jokes, riddles, plays on language, strange pictures, and more...
**Rated PG-13**
SCA Book Store carries medieval, renaissance and SCA books of interest.
**Rated PG-13**
Super Soap Weekend 2003! These are pictures of some of my favorite soap stars- I'm even in a few! (June, 2003) **Rated G - kid safe!**
ALMA Awards with Kaye and Kathy Check out some pictures taken at the ALMA Awards (April 22, 2001) **Rated G - kid safe!**
Calico Ghost Town Adventure Check out some great pictures of Calico Ghost Town in the California desert. (March 31, 2001)
**Rated G - kid safe!**
Kaye and Elaine's TV Guide Awards Adventure Check out some pictures of Kaye and Elaine with TV and movie stars. (February 24, 2001) **Rated G - kid safe!**
Kaye and Eric's Hawaii Vacation Aloha! Enjoy our Hawaiian vacation vicariously here. Don't miss the pictures of Eric and Kaye on stage at the hula show! (April 16th - April 23rd, 2000)**Rated G**
Kaye and Eric's Mexican Cruise Adios! Another chance to live vicariously! (October 2nd - October 6th, 2000)**Rated G**
Ms. Megaphone aka "The Summer of Big Brother." If you were a fan of the first US "Big Brother" TV show in the summer of 2000, this site might be interesting to you. If you didn't watch the show, then you'll have no idea what these pages are about!**Rated PG-13**

Thank you Moyra - I miss your site!