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***Click HERE for the December 19, 2005 - Letter to Constituents Concerning Slot Parlor in Lancaster and attached Petition***


Rep. Gibson Armstrong answers questions regarding House Resolution 177 on the floor of the House during session debates in July. The resolution, aimed at reviewing academic freedom in state owned and related institutions of higher learning, passed the House on July 5. The resolution establishes a select committee to study the state of students’ academic freedom within the Commonwealth’s State System of Higher Education and its four state-related universities.

 7-8-05 - Rep. Armstrong's Weekly Radio Report - The weekly Legislative Report Program with Rep. Gib Armstrong (R-Lancaster) is now available.  (Audio File)

  7-5-05 - Task Force to Look into Keeping Politics Out of the Classrooms in State Schools - The House voted on Tuesday to form a Task Force to look into keeping politics out of the classrooms in Pennsylvania's state colleges and universities. House Resolution 177, sponsored by Rep. Gib Armstrong (R-Lancaster), would charge the House Education Subcommittee on Higher Education with holding hearings to investigate the possibility that some faculty members in state schools have used college class time for partisan political messages. Armstrong says he want to be sure that students are getting the education they paid for, not unsolicited political indoctrination. (Audio File)

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