My portfolio is composed of most of the websites I have been lead on in the past 5 years. It is a good place to see my progress and evolution as a software engineer.

Please check out my resume as well.

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Live Date: 2005-06-06 is a mature google maps hack that was thought up by my father and I over dinner one night. He has a database that is constantly updated with vacancies and I thought it would be really great if you coudl visualize the data. I then whipped together this site and the result is better than i think my father or I ever expected.

Skills used: PHP, XML, XSLT, mysql

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Live Date: 2005-05-25 is the evolution of into a full fledged community site featuring a lot better stats, charts and other interesting features for the community. The site is made to allow people to post what they are listening to to their blog via an easy to implement javascript snippit. This iteration allows the user to configure almost every aspect of their JS snippit and even grab the individual images from amazon.

Skills used: Ajax, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, C#, Mysql, PHP, javascript

Allied Movements

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Live Date: 2005-04-26

Allied Movements is a site that was started by my brother and I as an experiment in domain names and advertising.

I used the Ruby on Rails web framework to create this website because i wanted to learn how it worked. Its rapid application developement framework really aided in creating this application with out a pain.

Skills used: Ruby on rails, php, mysql apache

Tommie Sunshine

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Live Date: 2005-04-20

My friend Tommie needed a site real fast for a festival. I threw something up real quick and started putting everything into wordpress for when he really wants to use it. After grabbing the design he had made by kenzo i was able to really pull together a nice site.

I used a gallery plugin to interface with flickr and provide Tommie with an incredibly easy CMS to manage. 


Skills used: php, mysql, flickr

RiotTech SEO Blog V.2

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Live Date: 2005-04-12

After reading about search engine optimization for quite awhile I decided to take the initiative and start a group blog on the topic. I invited a bunch of my friends to join and now we have some dialog going. I wrote a quick hack to share ad revenue for each authors specific post. This allows a sort of competition between authors and gives them something to be vested in when posting to the blog.   

Skills used: php, mysql, wordpress, adsense V.2

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2005-03-31

Ituners is a community site for people to share what they have been listening to recently. It interfaces with itunesblogger and itunes. It is fancy.

I am rewriting it with Andy Carlson in the Ruby on Rails framework.  

Skills used: php, itunes, c#, mysql

Property Technica V.3

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Live Date: 2005-03-11

Property Technica needed a new website and wanted something that woudl generate some daily created documents with ease. I took the data and imported into the PHP CMS Mambo. I wrote a bundle of components to generate and handle the needs of PT and then trained the staff on the application.


Skills used: php, mysql, Mambo, pdf

Watership Livejournal

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Live Date: 2005-03-03

I originally wrote Watership as a hack to take all of the recently update blog entries from and parses out the image urls. Then when the urls are displayed it is a VERY interesting view.

I showed it to some friends and they all really liked it. So I decided to cache it up and post it to its own domain. I had watership open and bam. Done.


Skills used: php, rss, mysql, adsense

Yeknom Industries

[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2005-02-07

This site was a viral campaign for's superbowl spots. The spots featured a company that was employed by a bunch of monkeys and one human. It asked the viewer "Are you tired of working wiht a bunch of monkeys?" The spots were very funny and generated a bunch of buzz surrounding the campaign.

The art direction for the site was done by Brian Tafel and it has the feeling that it was created by a monkey company. I provided all the css, html and application design for the site. After the site was complete i provided all the promotation and "digirati/digital underground" support. I was charged with helping the site gain blog traction and getting some discussion and linkage around the internet.

Skills used: viral marketing, php, mysql, CSS

NaTa2 V.3

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Live Date: 2005-02-01

After using my own home grown xml content management system for many many years i decided it was time to move on to the 21st century and get a real blog content management system. I choose wordpress after using it on a bunch of my friends blogs and seeing how awesome it is.

I made the switch and then wrote a bunch of custom plugins to show the content how i like it. I wrote a plugin to use technorati tags and one to show links.  


Skills used: php, mysql, wordpress

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Live Date: 2004-10-14

On october 14th 2004, Bill Orielly from Fox News was  threathened with a sexual harrasement lawsuit. A typo was made on the lawsuit transcript. Instead of loufa the officer put falafel. We found this hilarious so we put up a website talking about "Falaphilia."

As it started was a viral joke. We ended up having approximately 50,000 visitors in the first 48hrs and peaked at 100,000 visitors in the first week. We then switched it up and served large content political to the blogger market and pulled 3.7 terabytes of transfer in 5 days.

Skills used: php, mysql

How To Yoyo v.2

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Live Date: 2004-10-01

The next howtoyoyo site is powered by movable type. We have a new design and have created a more community friendly website.

We also have solicited to the community to upload and contirbute videos and anything else that they feel should be on the site. 

Skills used: php, perl, mysql, ajax

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2004-07-25

While creating our iTunes software - we noticed that a space on the internet for iTunes related info was missing. This is our attempt to create such a space.


Skills used: php, postnuke, mysql

[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2004-07-12

With the success of iTunesBlogger I noticed the need to support the software and I needed a place to post our other software made for itunes. I created a space using a wiki to allow a community to participate and allow the authors to edit the content very easily.

Skills used: php, mysql, wiki

[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2004-06-24 is an experiment to see how much money I could make with very little work. I used a public domain joke list and created a nice interface for it. I tweaked the interface to be very simple and made the site as streamlined as possible. I attempted to add a bunch of unique functionality – that would cause the site to be a community driven site.

Skills used: php, mysql, rss, xml


[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2004-05-28

iTunesBlogger is a utility to track what is being played in iTunes and post information about each track (e.g. track name, artist, etc.) to a web script, or to the clipboard via a hotkey.

Skills used: c#, .net, php

3gCoding Technology Blog

[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2004-01-07

After blogging for many years and seeing my ramblings become more and more random and less targeted, I decided I needed to create a technology blog that would facilitate my interaction with the tech world. It would allow me to post tech thoughts and software as well as provide a space for me to experiment with mobile technology

Skills used: php, mysql, movable type, rss, adsense

Learn To YoYo

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2003-10-21 is my first foray into video on the web. I used a dv cam to video tape footage and then I wrote a custom app to post the footage to the internet.

Skills used:

[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2003-10-01 started out as a listing of my friend’s blogs. As RSS started to become more mainstream, I started to experiment with RSS aggregation. This site uses the MAGPIE library to do RSS parsing. I cache the results for 30 minutes and display the newest to oldest.

Skills used: php, mysql, magpie rss, xml

3G Phone download database generator

[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2003-04-03

The 3G Phone download database generator is my first fully open source project. I have released all of the nice source from my and experiments and bundled it a very small nice package. It allows the user to drop one file in a directory and start serving ringtones and screensavers immediately.

I used a lot of fore-thought when developing this app. It came after doing many upgrades on my original designs and experiments at I deliberatly left some of the more advanced security features out of the code to limit the commercial functionality of the code.

Skills used: php, fanciness

War Link Log

[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2003-03-09

I noticed that my daily web habits included find dozens if not hundreds of websites devoted to the war on terrorism and the was in Iraq. I also noticed that many weblog based news sites didn't have both sides represented very thoroughly. This is my attempt at creating a commentary-less link log.

I used movable type to power the blog portion of this app and then wrote a nifty interface that posts links to another piece of blog software i wrote. I used's philosophy and made the link small but informative.

Skills used: php, perl, movable type, mysql, javascript

The Jugglers 2.0

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2003-03-03

Almost three years after the original site had gone live I decided that the jugglers needed a better site. So I hired Broox to do another design for me and went to work.

This is basically a blog running movable type. I really like this blog software. It allows for multiple users to have multiple identities.

Skills used: movable type, php, perl, mysql

Kronus Films

[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2002-11-02

Kronus Enterntainment came to me to help put together a website for there film and entertainment company. I put together a small CMS that allows them to control the content and how it is displayed. I also hooked up a really great gallery program to allow them to manage their media.

The design is by Derek Brooks. The CMS that was built for them allows the users to modify and edit current pages and to copy and paste directly from word or the like. this allows for anyone to update their webpage with little to no HTML skill.

Skills used: php, mysql


[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2002-10-12

3Gscreensaver is one of my most successful websites. It has garnered me quite a bit of positive and negative attention. I started out simply enough with the website, but i soon noticed that the audience for that site had grown, and was hammering my server. I was also getting quite a few donations and noticed that a lot of people seemed interested in giving me more of their hard earned money. So i created this page. It basically allows for anyone to create a "locker" to hold all of their personal pictures that they want to be able to put on their phone. It also allows people to upload ringtones and store them. BMI and the like had a small problem with this idea - so i had to remove the public ringtones and put some very stringent ringtone managment policies in effect. After one month the site has remained rather successful and has pretty much ran itself.

The software is all PHP and most of the information needed to run the site was gathered from my site. The site design was done by Derek Brooks, 3gScreensaver is also fully compatible with the A500's internal browser. It uses htaccess style authentication and sessions within the phone to allow people to login to the site from where ever they are.

Skills used: php, mysql, paypal, sprint mobile technology

Riot Tech

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2002-10-07

I was very frustrated with the Chicago Readers eraly warning list, so I created a script to go and parse it and upadte a DB with the results. It turned into

The site uses a bundle of functions and more regular expressions than you should ever shake a stick at to parse the chicago reader page. It then uses some really poorly architected logic to tell whether the listing is new, updated or already in the DB. It then stores it. It sort of works real well, but could use some definite updates.

Skills used: php, mysql, html spidering


[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2002-10-01

After the success of I wanted a new project. I got a Samsung A500 from sprint and found what i was lookign for. The phone had so much potential - but no one was really taking advantage of it. I created a page that had a bunch of the info I had personally found and then added a forum. From their it really took off. In the first week of inception, I was ranked higher than sprint in a google search for the A500. ;)

The site uses PHPbb to power the forum. I really like that fourm software.

Skills used: php, mysql, phpbb, wap, sprint mobile technology

Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2002-09-01

Working for World Book gives me a bunch of neat opportunities. This was one of the most fun. I was given the task of creating a complete encyclopedia from scratch, for the minimal amount of money. I used xalan and xerces from apache to create a really great XML, XSLT cached rendering system. this allows the editors and such to create content and publish it very quickly.

I made everything on this site except for the web design, and some of the data architecture.

Skills used: XML, XSLT, Xerces, Xalan, Java, Tomcat, Iplanet, DB2


[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2002-04-25

I worked with on some hosting, and got involved with writing a shopping cart system for the online ordering initiative. The goal was to allow consumers to order timelapse stock footage online using a credit card.

We designed a whole ecommerce system from the groundup. We used a modular philosophy in our design so taht any content updates are done through a GUI rather than coding html. I wrote the cart to allow any payment method to be used. The logic behind the cart is managed by admin tools, as well as the actual content and items being sold. PHP has proven to be rather extensible and reseliant to many of the problems I have had before.

Skills used: php, paypal, mysql


[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2001-10-05

This is a design LAB for photo stuff

I mainly use CSS and photoshop. I take a picture with my camera and then edit it till it looks "destrukted." I will continue to add stuff. I want it to be a virtual museum

Skills used: php, photoshop v.2

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2001-09-11

I created this in the aftermath of the 09-11-2001 attacks on the World trade Center. It started out as a repository for images and movies. I was listed on a top-moderated comment on slashdot and received a lot of hits.

I created a weblog and forum system using greymatter and phorum.I designed the look and feel using some CSS and a picture i manipulated. I received a million hits in the first two weeks and transfereed 213gig of data on 9/11 and 9/12. After the website got too large for the greymatter system I transitioned it over to Postnuke. That behaved well and handled the users a little better.

Skills used: php, perl, greymatter, phorum

BrooksFSW V.2

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2001-08-30

I was employed by Brooksfsw to "fix" a lot of the problems that PHPnuke created for them. I found a great rewrite of PHPnuke called PostNuke. It works incredibly well, is a lot faster and has great feature support.

I redid most of the site, and ported it from PHPnuke to Postnuke. I redid the message system and added intra-site messaging. I added a forum and redid a lot of the internals.

Skills used: php, mysql, postnuke

[ high res shot | link ]

Live Date: 2001-08-05

I made this web site incredibly quickly. A group of people were interested in "hacking" the audrey and needed a place to reside. I donated this space and whipped up a deisgn. This site was featured on slashdot on August 06, 2001. This site is by far my most popular web site, with close to 4 million hits since mid-October and roughly 800 registered users.

I started this initiative using phpWebsite from Appalachian State, but after havign problems with its scalibility I moved it over to PostNuke. I have found that Postnuke is quite a performer and has allowed me to take numerous slashdot hits.

Skills used: php, postnuke, mysql

Watership Design Mockup

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2001-07-25 was a design mockup demonstrating the use of tables and full size imagery. I plan to maybe make this site a philosophy discussion site. A place to post essays and such. A community site. But with a dark tone.

The background is made of a picture I took in portland. I photoshopped it and pushed it about until it looked just right. I wanted a post-industrial-web look to it.

Skills used: photoshop

Property Technica V.2

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2001-06-30

Property Technica needed a better web interface and more control over there content. I had created from scratch a content management system using PHP and MYSQL back in the day, but I needed something with multiple admins and a common look and feel. Also I needed a way for the people who are updating the site to actually be able to update it without having to learn HTML

I used phpwebsite as the core CMS. It is based on PHPnuke so I already had a lot of experience with the architecture of the system. I rewrote a lot of the code to remove the user system, weblog and comment support. Tweaked the CMS code and added property managment logic. It took quite a while and wasn't very fun - but the output looks nice and it will be easy to redesign graphically.

Skills used: phpwebsite, phpnuke, php, mysql v.2

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2001-06-12

The original Nata2 design was a programatic exercise in whether I could write a threaded forum based weblog. I wanted to be able to understand how it worked. This version is similar but I manufactured it to take advantage of XML. That way I can port it to WAP, RSS, PDF or whatever. I stayed with the weblog interface cuz I like it, and used pretty much the same backend tools.

This was written entirely in php using the RAX php class. It was ported from perl and treats XML like a DB. I pull the info from a DB and render it into XML. I though that was easier and didn't give me as much trouble as some of the alternates. I also tried to make this site visually one of my better. I followed suit to some of the better blogs out there and tried to match my mood with the graphics. I included the trendy buttons on the left for fun. ;)

Skills used: php, xml, mysql, rss, wap, pdf

The Cornell Student

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2001-05-20

A friend came to me with the idea of starting an online magazine to cover Cornell College life. I thought that this would be a great idea, and started doing some thinking. I decided that the slashdot style free-form comment based news site would be the best idea. I also wanted it to be able to integrate with the Cornell Environment. I wanted this project to be the unofficial Intranet for Cornell College. We integrated with the exhange servers for mail checking and have a great userbase. Hopefully it will take off.

I wanted the design to be incredibly simple. I needed something that the simplest person could master. I chose this design for that reason. The backend is a highly customized POSTNuke. It has been optimized to include user to user messaging and communication.

Skills used: php, postnuke, exchange

NaTa2.COM v.1

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2001-01-01

This is a hosting company I started in January 2001. It hosts about 40 small and medium websites. I handle all aspects of this hosting company. It is fun.

This was a tricky solution. I needed an invoicing system, a client managment system and a hosting service management system. I also needed a way to provide online transactions in a secure environment. I used paypal to provide credit card support, and hacked a little PHP script to interface with the PayPal webaccept system. I used PHP to generate invoices on the fly, and OpenSSL to create a secure environment. The invoicing system calulates late payments, adds interest and updates the clients balance. The client is able to view all this information from their account page. It was written entirely in PHP with heavy UI stuff done in flash.

Skills used: php, mysql, perl, shell scripting

KRNL 89.7fm

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2000-10-24

KRNL is the college radio station for Cornell College. My goal was to take the identity of the radio station and represent it on the web. I was working from the idea that the web site would be a "web-based-sticker." Something we could transfer from the web to the lame iron on adhesive on the DJ's vintage emo shirt.

The goal for this site was simplicity. I wanted something minimalistic and easy to navigate. I used the large graphic in the middle to draw attention to the center of the screen and the menu. It works well.

Skills used: php, mysql, flash

Brooks FSW

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2000-09-01

A site devoted to Free Style Walking and other extreme sports.

I was employed by Brooks FSW to develop a portal system with users. I found a great PHP based engine called PHP-NUKE. After a lot of work and customizing I got it working. Brooks FSW is a very clean and high traffic site. On 12.14.00 BrooksFSW was featured on BBC 5 Live.

Skills used: php, phpnuke, mysql

NaTa2 WAP Page

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2000-09-01

This is my foray into the world of WAP. I decided that it would be handy to check my email and some technology headlines through a cell phone.

I used PHP as the driver for the WAP page. I changed the header so that the WAP phone would recognize the page as WAP. I converted my perl headline extractor to PHP and then was in business.

Skills used: php, wap, mysql, perl

NaTa2 Anime Mockup

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2000-08-08

This is a Mockup I did to learn some advanced design theory.

This mockup was inspired by a lot of Kevin Hatch's designs. I liked the imagery from the anime characters and I wanted a techno/matrix/anime feel. So I shot for that, and I think i got it

Skills used: flash, photoshop

America and Moore

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2000-08-01

A website for America and Moore diversity consulting firm.

For this site, I acted as the site architect, working with the designers Lynn Roth and Sean Callahan and integrating Eddie Moore's ideas into Roth's wonderful Design. Most of the work was spent converting Roth's flats into a real page. I then created a PHP administration system that allows Mr. Moore to modify and add content.

Skills used: php, mysql, flash

Property Technica, INC

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2000-06-01

A real estate sales and management firm in Greeley, Colorado.

Using PHP and MYSQL, I created a system that allows Property Technica to easily update and post information to its web site. The backend is a DB admin tool, which allows PT to update the vacancy listings and modify all the pages.

Skills used: php, mysql, css

NaTa2 Productions

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2000-06-01

A weblog for myself

I used this as an experiment to test whether I could write a web portal/log system in PHP. It is scalable and uses a threaded message board system. This weblog/forum uses resursion(is their any other way?) and caches itself for during heavy traffic.

Skills used: php, mysql, css

The Jugglers Against Homophobia

[ high res shot ]

Live Date: 2000-06-01

A web site for the protest group Jugglers Against Homophobia.

For this site, I needed a system that would allow multiple people to update an organization site that held press releases, news, and upcoming and past events. So I used PHP to integrate with the MYSQL DB.

Skills used: php, mysql, perl