Introducing: Low-Cost, Reliable GPS
Wheels of Zeus (wOz) has engineered a breakthrough in location technology, fusing the power and range of GPS with the affordability, efficiency and reliability of secure local wireless. With our GPS tags and location system, you can accurately and efficiently pinpoint and determine the status of people or assets.

wOz propriety technology out-performs traditional GPS, as well as RFID and RTLS scanning systems, in a variety of areas. Compare the wOz system with other location technologies. Discover why wOz provides the optimum GPS-enabled solution.

Consumers can:

  • watch over dependents, such as children and elderly
  • ensure pets remain in a designated area
  • locate and track valuables

Businesses can:

  • track key personnel
  • locate, track and monitor vehicles, containers, assets and data
  • track people and objects over a broader range than possible with scanning technologies

Our highly skilled team of engineers will customize the wOz platform to meet the evolving demands of businesses (e.g. supply chain, trucking and shipping), the military, and consumers.

Contact us today to learn more about how wOz technology can serve as a reliable, affordable, and powerful location solution for your business, organization, or family.

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