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Happy New Year! I will see you all in 2006, "The Year Of Wonderful Surprises"

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December 28th 2005
Mail to ryan@qwantz.com is currently being bounced by my hosting company, which has some Morris-like confusion over whether or not email should actually be delivered. They are all champs there, but sometimes they just need a little more time than everybody else to fix something like a mail server! If you want to contact me, I've changed the email addresses on the site to my my emergency backup email.

December 22nd 2005
A lot of the Dayfree press people did secret Santa style comics for each other! You can see the results here.

December 20th 2005
Haha, okay, here is a gallery of little kids being terrified of Santa over the past 50 years, and it is comedy gold. Look at number two: the Santa looks passable (there are worse Santas), and the eldest daughter has a nice smile. But as your eye travels across the image, you pass over the startled-looking boy and settle on the horror written all over the face of the little girl. The fact her jacket is pointed up in a triangle is just the icing on the cake. I seriously can't get enough of this picture. She 's at an angle! She's swinging her arms and trying to run away! Why is this so funny?

I expect this picture to become a "Christmas Tradition" for me.

CHRISTMAS ORDERING: Cut-off dates for getting merchandise in time for Christmas have passed, but you can totally still order! I'm not going to stop you is all I'm saying.


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