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Adam of the Road

by Elizabeth Janet Gray

Growing up in the MIDDLE AGES


Mr. Culbert

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Welcome to the medieval world as portrayed in Elizabeth Janet Gray's novel Adam of the Road. You are living in the Middle Ages (950 AD - 1500 AD) in the country of England. Your home, city, school, activities, clothes and social interactions are vastly different than anything you are familiar with in your life time.

This WebQuest will take you back in time to learn what your life is like as a young person growing up in England in the Middle Ages. It will also assist you as you read Adam of the Road with your class. Using what you learn, write a series of pen pal letters to someone living in the present.

The Task

You are going to begin by researching the resources listed below to learn about your life in the Middle Ages. Using the information you learn, you will write four letters to your pen-pal living in the present year. Each letter will focus on the following four aspects of your life.


The novel: Adam of the Road, by Elizabeth Janet Gray


WebPage: The Middle Ages Trust 1998

Scroll down to PLACES TO EXPLORE. This is an excellent page dealing with many topics related to the Middle Ages. Click on the link for MATERIALS FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS to the JR. HIGH link to find information that you can use.

WebPage: People of the Middle Ages

Nice definitions of people and occupations of the Middle Ages. Part of the following link.

WebPage: Middle Ages

Click on the INDEX OF MATERIALS to find a variety of links which cover a great deal of Middle Ages topics; from people to occupations and from armor to games this site will keep you busy.

WebPage: Luther Burbank Middle School / The Middle Ages Links/Resources

Excellent resource created by 7th grade students to teach about life in the Middle Ages. You will get a huge amount of information and lots of links from this page which was put together by middle school students in California. (Tip: The "Life as a . . . Stories" are great examples of what we are looking for with this WebQuest !)

WebPage: Food of the Middle Ages

Sarah, an eighth grade students, shares with us her research on some foods from the Middle Ages, including menus for peasants and nobles.


WebPage: Middle Ages History

Over 60 links to a wide variety of Middle Ages related topics. These are mainly higher level in nature.


Web Page: Medieval Music Period

A brief article on the popular music of this time period. Take special note of the third paragraph!

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The Process

Following these instructions will make completion of your task easy!










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    When you complete this WebQuest, you will be able to better identify and understand the setting of Adam of the Road. As you read the novel, you will have a greater understanding of the personal, social, and political issues which are dealt with in the story.

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