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Scottish Folds on the Web - Jerome's Home is all Folds, all the time! Go to the what's new at Jerome's Home page to find out about the latest updates to this site. (Last updated August 28, 2003)

Thanks to all the Scottish Fold fans, friends and buddies who've kept us going. We plan to keep improving the site and adding new pictures, so be sure to bookmark this site and visit often.

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Welcome to Jerome's Home. I'm Jerome. No ear jokes, please. I happen to be a fine specimen of a Scottish Fold, and am proud of my heritage, including all the great genes I got from Scottish Redford, a legend in Scottish Fold circles (Grand Champion, Best of Breed, etc.), whose name appears on my pedigree papers.

Folded ears are the most prominent feature of Scottish Folds, although only about half of all Folds actually have folded ears. (Got it??) We're one of the top ten most popular breeds in the United States, even if a lot of people have never heard of us and the U.K. Fancy refuses to recognize us.

Here are two FAQs you can check out to learn more about the breed. (Links will open in a new browser window.)
Scottish Folds have a unique personality among cats. While, of course, we're all individuals, we share a lot in common...

First off, for the most part we're non-vocal. That doesn't mean we're incapable of making noise or that we won't, on occasion, use our voices to get attention or express ourselves when we're "dancing around the room." But overall we have tiny voices that we don't use a lot. Folds have been known to have their tails accidentally stepped on without emitting a peep. (Please don't try this at home!)

We adore human companionship and love to be "in on" whatever it is that you're doing. We think of ourselves as being people, too, so we want to hang out with you. Not all Folds are lap fungi, though. Some of us would rather just sit on the floor next to your chair while you're reading the paper. Some would say we're "dog-like," as we'll follow you around from room to room.

"I like to stare from my artist's loft (the carpeted box atop the 4-drawer wooden filing cabinet next to the cat tree).

"How do you like my painting?"

We don't have to be obnoxious to get your attention. Staring or "tapping" usually work well enough. "Tapping" is when you take your paw and gently start tapping it on someone or something to get noticed. Say they're seated in a chair, reading that newspaper. You might be able to sit up on your hind legs and "tap" a few times on an elbow that's hanging over the edge of the chair arm.

Then there are those times when they're just not awake yet but you want them to be so they can feed you, for instance. I like to sit on Mom or Dad's chest and "tap" their cheek until they wake up. (Be sure to keep your claws in, boys and girls!) Another good one is to crawl up on the pillow next to them, stick your nose in their ear and start purring like there's no tomorrow!

Many Folds do the "Buddha sit," where they sit on their rumps with their back feet sprawled out. Some are famous for the "prairie dog," where they sit up on their haunches with their front paws up in the air. And who hasn't seen the "corpse" position, where a cat lays flat on its back with all fours spread out? It's extremely comfortable, although some humans think it looks undignified.
I hope you enjoy your visit to Jerome's Home!

(I am Buddha-boy!)
Jerome Buddha sitting
a shot from Jerome's movie SHOUT IT OUT! JEROME'S A STAR!

Here's a screen shot from my new movie. It's 15 glorious seconds of me lounging in my loft. Click on the thumbnail to the left and you'll be taken to a new page where the movie will start to download automatically. It's 1.4 megabytes, so will take a few minutes depending on your modem and connection. You'll need to have the QuickTime MPEG plug-in or equivalent to view it.

What you'll find at Jerome's Home...

Want to know more about me? All About Me is...uh...well...all about me! Here you'll find pics of me lounging around the house, doing the "Buddha sit" and just generally being adorable. I can't help it if I'm so photogenic!

"You like me, you really like me!" (Thank you, Sally Field.) Check out my Awards pages.

Sadly, some cats still haven't taught their humans HTML and are home(page)less on the web. So I started Jerome's Buddies where you'll find pics of some friends I've met on the internet. Please stop by and meet my newest Featured Buddy, Pepper! There's also a whole page about my pal Cubby, an adorable solid black Fold from Florida who dreams of running away to California... There's also a Featured Buddies tag-team -- Clancey & Brodie -- brothers of the famous Linanci's Clearwater Sailor (AKA "Bubba"). There are now pictures of more than 100 Fold Buddies from around the world! The first page will be reserved for my family members and as a jumping-off point to visit "Featured Buddies."

We are very sad to report the passing of my bestest buddy, Gizmo Gadget on January 1, 2003. He came all the way from Florida to live with us and was my constant companion til the end. We may update his pages at some point, but will leave them as is for now in tribute.

Gizmo Linanci's Lieutenant Gizmo Gadget, my "little brother", is a longhaired straight-ear Fold, and a cousin of Clancey, Brodie and Bubba. He's got his own "special buddy" page, too Be sure to visit Gizmo's Gallery!

After the huge success of my first movie, Gizmo wanted in on the action, too, so we created a 15-second action-packed movie of Giz playing with his soccer ball! Unfortunately, while it worked on my Mac, it would not play on my PC, so I decided to chuck it for now.

Jerome's Links now has even more cool Fold sites and other fun places to visit than ever before. I've surfed far and wide to bring you the best of the best and will be adding more as I find them!

After you've checked out the site, please don't forget to sign my guestbook or e-mail me and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you!


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