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IPIU - International Private Investigators Union


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This company has an Excellent Rating with the Fair Business Association of America.

This company offers training and information for individuals that would like to pursue employment with Private Investigations.

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The Private Investigators Forum is an interactive community where those who have an interest in private investigations and all other related professions (including leisure and lifestyles) can discuss and promote all aspects of the profession. These discussions can include the expertise of private investigations, its training principles, legal reviews, statutes, services, education, products, referrals, and technical strategies that enhance the value those private investigators bring to their client base.

We desire and agree to aide newcomers in our profession by first educating them in understanding all relative areas of the statutes that may or may not regulate their conduct and duties as a private investigator, but may apply to their profession as a regulated private investigator or an unregulated private investigator, as well as any related professions, which may or may not include case examiner, information broker, law student, bail enforcement agent, bondsman, process server, or consultant. Our mission is not to limit their education to only those statutes that may or may not have any direct authority and regulation over their conduct or duties as a private investigator, but rather to educate in the full context all the applicable laws and/or lawful remedies that may apply ethically to their individual circumstances and goals.


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I just wanted to tell those of you that haven't done an assignment yet, don't let it get you uptight. I was very nervous for my 1st one but 2 minutes after I walked in the nerves just left and my mind took over, it was great. Now it's much more fun because I don't get that 'pit in my stomach' feeling.
Hang in there and keep reading, it really does give you the info that you will want to fall back on.
Good luck, and , good reading!

When you fail to train,
you train to fail.


Good Morning Everyone......,

Wanted to take a quick moment here, to sincerely thank the I.P.I.U. organization, Moderators and members. Yesterday (05/24/02), my I.P.I.U. Photo Credentials arrived. With them, I am returning to a field I left many years ago.

As I anticipated the card, my concern was that the ID might look or appear "amature-ish". WRONG !!! I am completely satisfied with the impact this ID provides. As I return the "Code of Ethics", I would advise all who are interested about entering the field of Private Investigations (with no prior LEO training), there may be no more viable way to do so, than with I.P.I.U.

So then, I.P.I.U., please accept my THANKS !!! You do what you say you will. You do not promise what you cannot deliver and, you have layed out a method that works. Again, THANKS !!!

Gregory (Gregg) Duncombe


Thank you, IPIU, for allowing us to post messages. By reading the questions and answers from other members, I am having some of my questions answered without having to actually ask the question. It's also nice to meet all the other members in The Lounge.

Sandra Leach

I would like to see posts from people who have followed the IPIU recommendations and advice, and have successfully gotten their license or opened an agency.

Any information you could give the numerous trainees as to timelines, pitfalls along the way, or shortcuts would be most appreciated. It would also be a great way of promoting both the IPIU and your new agency!

I'll be traveling the next few weeks, but I hope a moderator will guide this discussion, and I'll check in as available. Let's hear from the success stories out there!

Frederick "Fritz" Budde, Ph.D.
Federal Agent


Finally! ,

After a long day at work yesterday, I walked through the door and to my surprise I had a box and a very thick envelope from IPIU! I was so excited I didn't even take off my coat. I just took them both to my room and opened them like it was Christmas except with all of the wrapping paper. Everything was very professional looking, and I even got some things that I wasn't expecting, such as a COE with my digitally signed name on it and a certificate of membership. Unfortunately, my brain was fried from work and I knew that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the manual. Today I'm off, so I plan on completing my test so that I can have it in the mail tonight! I'll be sure to put a few people on my buddy list so that we can keep in touch.

Mr. Paluch, mind if I call you by your first name? We're pretty close to one another. We may work together in the future. I hope that your trip to the mail box is a fruitful one today. A quick suggestion for everyone who's been waiting a while. Email Agent Relations and ask them about your status. It helped relieve some of the frustration that I was feeling while I was waiting.

Thomas M. Simpson, Jr.







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