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J.K. Rowling Prepares Final Potter Book

December 27, 2005 at 2:47 pm | | Literature | | --Simon

I’m not much of a Harry Potter fan (the first four books were entertaining enough, but I didn’t bother reading the fifth), but this might prove exciting for those who are:

On her Web site, Rowling said she had been “fine-tuning the fine-tuned plan of seven during the past few weeks.” She noted that “reading through the plan is like contemplating the map of an unknown country in which I will soon find myself.”

Rowling expects to start on the final book, not yet titled, next month.

Ethical Lapse at ‘NY Times’ in Maureen Dowd/Kathryn Harrison Review Flap?

December 22, 2005 at 3:06 am | | Literature | | --Simon

There has been much commentary on the fact that Maureen Dowd had given Harrison a bad review in the past, and whether or not it was ethical for Harrison to review Dowd’s book in return.

From a Book Standard article:

Every so often editors at the influential New York Times Book Review are accused of assigning a book to a reviewer with some link, happy or mad, with an author that may have slanted their assessment. And once in awhile a reviewer there offers surprisingly unkind words about a book by one of the newspaper’s staffers. These two unusual events seemingly came together in one place this month in a review of columnist Maureen Dowd’s new bestseller, Are Men Necessary.

The review was written by well-known writer Kathryn Harrison, who Dowd had mocked in a couple of columns in 1997.

I guess the most obvious answer is that it was unethical to put Harrison as the reviewer.

But as a fiction writer and one who pays close attention to book reviews, I realize that in the book world, the critics are very often aspiring or even successful writers themselves. I would argue that there’s a lot more jealousy and personal attacks in the book critic world than say, the film critic world.

So yes, maybe they should have assigned a different reviewer, especially since this is the NY Times who can pick and choose among a variety of journalists. If this had happened at a smaller review publication, however, I would be a lot more forgiving.

The longlisted passages for the Bad Sex in Fiction award

December 13, 2005 at 2:26 pm | | Literature | | --Simon

Guardian Unlimited has reprinted this year’s worst sex scenes to appear in books:

In a moment Annie was on his side, Madame Lai was like a plant growing over him, and her little fist (holding the biggest black pearl) was up his asshole planting the pearl in the most appreciated place.

“Oh, Lord,” he cried out. “I’m a-comin’!”

via brutal women

New Aimee Bender fiction up at Nerve.com

December 5, 2005 at 5:53 pm | | Literature | | --Simon

On a Saturday Afternoon:

I have known them for at least three years, these two; we all went to school together and at one point I dated the blond but it was brief. The timing was off and both of us were swept along by the river of another match. I have flirted with the brown-haired one for years

5th Narnia book may not see big screen

December 4, 2005 at 2:50 pm | | Literature, Film | | --Simon

The 5th Narnia book might not be made into a movie because it’s very racist:

Small wonder. The book, first published in 1954, may never get to the screen, at least not in anything resembling its literary form. It’s just too dreadful. While the book’s storytelling virtues are enormous, you don’t have to be a bluestocking of political correctness to find some of this fantasy anti-Arab, or anti-Eastern, or anti-Ottoman. With all its stereotypes, mostly played for belly laughs, there are moments you’d like to stuff this story back into its closet.

via bookslut

*Also, The New York Times names the 10 best books of 2005


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