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Stay tuned for more information on the Faculty of Business!

Here at the Australian International University we have rationalised the normal system of different university faculties into a single faculty. We realised that most of the other faculties were not generating sufficient income and were having a negative effect on the overall marketing plan of the university. As a result, the Australian International University only has one faculty – the Faculty of Business.

By reducing the number of faculties to one, the AIU has dramatically reduced one of the main operating costs of a university – the diverse range of courses offered. Since we have only a single faculty, we are able to effect substantial savings on completely unnecessary facilities such as scientific laboratories, art galleries, language learning centres and engineering test equipment. None of these facilities is really necessary to run a successful university that generates a positive income flow.

We have combined all the non-business faculties into a single Faculty of Business and eliminated all the non-commercial courses. So at the start of each semester, students no longer face the inevitable confusion about which faculty building their lectures and tutorials are held in, because there is only one faculty – the Faculty of Business.

Of all the human faculties, the commercial faculty is the most important.
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