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Canada via hgh pill

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Growth In A Pill

The positive effects of human growth hormone (hGH)—weight and fat loss, muscle strength, endurance gains, and improved skin—are well-documented. But can an hgh pill deliver the same punch as injectable hGH? As of yet, no well-designed, placebo-controlled research has been done on the products currently on the market.

But there are some promising results about an oral homeopathic preparation of human GH, produced through recombinant gene technology. (The founder of Biomed Comm, the company producing the hGH, was the lead author of the study.)

Researchers found that this homeopathic hGH preparation does decrease body weight and increase muscle mass. However, its effect on body fat was not reported, despite the measurement presumably being made. Other impacts of injectable hGH—for example, impaired carbohydrate metabolism on the down side, and potentially beneficial effects on cholesterol—were not comparatively addressed in the pill study.

One potential concern with hGH use is the promotion of tumor growth. Increases in another hormone (IGF-1, produced in response to hGH exposure) has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women.

More rigorous research is needed to examine the long-term effects and effectiveness of hGH products when delivered in pill form.

Growth Hormone Anti Aging Clinical Data

current research

A double-blind controlled research study assessing IGF-1, quality of life and times ability was recently completed. The direction in movement of hormone levels being brought back to youthful and regenerative levels is significant in of itself. The results of the chem 24 / chem 25 tests show the cholesterol, HDL, and LDL returning to normalization. The results of the study show test patients taking Retropin? had significant results in the body with a rise of 40% in IGF-1 levels compared to 13% in placebo patients, 31.5% rise in DHEA with a drop in the placebo group. Testosterone levels elevated 18.5%

After compiling supporting data of the double-blind study, there is significant physiological change with the patients who had taken Retropin?. The levels of IGF-1, Testosterone, and DHEA, along with the changes in the lipids, show that patients consistently evidenced marked progressiveness towards homeostasis, or body balance. The resultant physiology of the patients was a gentle response to the micro-dilution oral spray. Retropin? returned the body to a higher metabolism with greater efficacy and a more youthful level of chemistry. The subsequent blood draws showed marked consistency of rise in chemistry for the patients and then setting a higher threshold for the level of homeostasis of the body.


Retropin? was clinically evaluated for a six-month ongoing study involving the administration of an encapsulating polymer oral spray recombinant Growth Hormone delivery system. 200 healthy patients were screened and tested (112 females and 88 males). IGF-1 testing is presently the standard accepting procedure for evaluating the secretion of Human Growth Hormone from the anterior pituitary gland. Patients were pre-examined as to determine a baseline IGF-1: 114.26 ng/ml (+/-8.54) in females (average age 51) and 135.22 (+/-1.94) in males (average age 48).

hgh sprayNo change in diet was advised, however it was noted that all patients ate an average of three meals per day with approximate intakes of 3,000 to 4,000 calories. Testing began with a prescribed dosage of 3 sprays in the morning within one hour of awakening and 3 sprays in the evening immediately before retiring seven days a week. 30 days after inception, testing patient's IGF-1 levels were elevated to 30 percent over baseline, 149.85 ng/ml females and 175.31 ng/ml males. IGF-1 levels were tested again after 60 days and again displayed elevated levels, now 53 percent over baselines: 175.63 ng/ml females and 209.59 ng/ml males. At the end of the six month study, IGF-1 levels had increased over 102 percent over baseline in females (232.12 ng/ml) and 109 percent over baseline in males (284.05 ng/ml).

Cholesterol levels were diminished in 94 patients by an average of 14.8 percent, and triglyceride levels were also reduced by 31 percent. Increases were noted in mental stability, muscle accretion, weight reduction, energy level, libido elevation, epidermis rejuvenation, and reacquired hair color and density. In all 200patients, no adverse side effects were noted. The study suggested that the use of 191 amino acids orally in a sublingual application is an effective method for promoting the rejuvenation of cellular tissue.

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