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Knight Rider

Feb. 25, 2005: The Knight Rider Season Two DVD will be available starting April 12, 2005!

The opening narration said it all. Almost.

"Knight Rider! A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist: Michael Knight — a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law."

Ah, but there was more. Aiding Michael Knight in this near-future America was the Knight Industries Two Thousand, or KITT — a souped-up Pontiac Trans-Am with speech and artificial intelligence, the most advanced car ever built. It was bulletproof, fireproof, capable of speeds of up to 300 miles per hour ... and devilishly witty as well!
Michael: "You know, you're about as much fun as a divorce ... which is not a bad idea."

KITT: "I want custody of me."
The legendary 1980s action-adventure series returns. Get in and enjoy the ride.

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