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John Kricfalusi, creator of
John Kricfalusi, who worked as the Supervising Director on Ralph Bakshi's "New Adventures of Mighty Mouse" and became world famous as the creator of "The Ren and Stimpy Show," is bringing his comic-book series, Comic Book, to Dark Horse Comics. Originally launched at Marvel Comics, Kricfalusi has moved the series to Dark Horse "because Marvel is basically a wholesome, family-oriented company, and our stuff is just plain bad for you."

"With Mort Todd (comic-book editor for Marvel), we had a lot of fun trying new things and breaking taboos," said Kricfalusi. "But Marvel wanted to maintain its corporate image, so we moved to Dark Horse, where they have no social conscience."

The bimonthly, ongoing series will debut under the Dark Horse Comics imprint in November. It will launch with what was to have been the second issue of the Marvel series. "The issue was considered too controversial because it put a turd back where it came from," said Kricfalusi. "Go figure."

"At Dark Horse, we don't shy away from controversial material," said Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson. "We built our company on taking risks and pushing the envelope."

Comic Book will be written and drawn by Kricfalusi, Jim Smith andthe rest of the gang at Spumco, including Mike Fontanelli, Shane Glines and Richard Pursel. Spumco is also conducting a talent search. "We're looking for artists and writers who are 1) really good and 2) bored with doing the same ol' stuff and would like to try things their parents would be ashamed of." Comic Book will be published in an oversized, 9" x 12" format on a bimonthly basis at a cover price of $5.95. The first issue ships November 15, 1996.

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