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December 30, 2005

Ode to NiT

I adore Nashville is Talking. One of the pitfalls of the Internet is getting trapped into your own specialized niche. You're a conservative? You go to conservative sites. Liberal? Liberal sites. The tendency is to seek the comfort of like-minded folks and wrap yourself up in a little cocoon, pat your similar thinking brethren on the back for being so smart and curse the rest of the world for being so deluded. NiT puts the kibosh on all that.

The blogs in the aggregator, the blogs Brittney links to, they are all different. They share only one thing: Nashville. All else is up for grabs. I won't even try to mention all of the blogs I read on a regular basis that I would never have come across were it not for NiT. If there were no NiT, my blog would be read by like four people -- all generally like-minded.

Or, more likely, I would have quit long ago. What fun is it to write if no one reads? No fun, not for me. NiT brings Nashville sites together, increases traffic and forces us to listen, share, and battle out ideas. We all stay friends though, pretty much, because, well, we might run into each at the mall, or Kroger, or the library. NiT is good and it is organic. It is a wonderful use of the internet and blogs because it fights against the very parochial nature of the web.

That is why I don't understand what sort of insect crawled up Hobbs' hindparts last week. Maybe you know and maybe you don't, but the ole B-Ho tighty whiteys got in quite the bunch last week. He thinks, essentially, that Brittney is biased and just generally doing a poor job. I have to disagree. Too biased? For a blog? Are you kidding?

Personally, I don't think BG is biased enough. The commentary is often very light. A subtle tweak in the title, a bit of a snarky comment now and again, her choice of subject matter, but really she's quite tame. And it's not as though she is excluding points of view. You write an interesting, well written, or informative blog in Nashville eventually Miss Brittney will link to you.

BG links to all sorts of Republicans and conservative whose views she likely finds reprehensible. Sure, she might tap you the head with a ruler now and again, but she doesn't make a habit of hitting you with her point of view flush in the face with a sock full of quarters.

Another point, Hobbs seems to lump Brittney's bias in with the common MSM liberal bias -- DLC/limousine liberal and the like. Brittney, she ain't that, she's a progressive or what I like to call part of the "Authentic Left." This is a point of view eschewed by the mainstream just as much as conservative ones.

What does Hobbs want from Brittney and NiT? An RNC newsticker. Some imply it's not Brittney necessarily but WKRN who is dropping the ball with NiT. A MSM news station oughtin' act this way, they say.

Well, again, this isn't exactly the liberal media elite that we are are talking about here. It's just a local new station and not a particularly traditional one at that. The whole video-journalist thing that they are pioneering proves they are willing to think outside the box a bit. So do they with Nashville is Talking. It's a good thing.

Brittney's job is not easy. She does have an opinion yet she does serve as a sort of moderator as well. Plus, she has to churn 'em and burn 'em when it comes to the blog posts. This is her schedule .

Don't get it twisted. I don't pity her or nothing. It's a wonderful and unique thing to get paid like she does to blog. But you do have to understand what her job is in order to criticize it. She was told to highlight Nashville blogs, make a lot of posts, and not to be afraid of giving an opinion. That's what she does. What's the problemo, B-Ho. You get your links. What more would you like? A cookie?

It's hard to turn a hobby into a job. Most blogs, if you don't feel like posting -- you don't. If you feel like slacking -- you can. Most blogs are hobbies, some are income supplements or marketing tools -- very few are jobs. BG has to make with the bloggy goodness whether she's "feeling it" that day or not.

Most things are fun and easy when voluntary. But put under the gun, the fun drains away fairly quick and the easy follows quickly after. Think about that for more than a moment. On most jobs, it is quite easy to slack. You're in a cubicle or on the road or whatever. There is plenty of opportunity to either not do your job or do it half-ass. No such luck for Brittney. If she slacks, it's not just her boss that sees. It's everyone. Strangers, family, friends, etc. all see her at work, so to speak. There is no margin for error and no time to slack.

I believe BrittneyG does the best she can under difficult circumstances -- and that's pretty darn good. Respect.

UPDATE: Smantix suggestively suggests that I may have laid it on a bit thick.

Posted by Kleinheider at December 30, 2005 05:45 PM

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Well written, AC. You may not be the spawn of Satan after all.

Posted by: TV at December 30, 2005 06:14 PM

Re's Rust Realous Re Roesn't Rave Rany Raction Rets Rand Ro Reather Rand Rorts Rike Rews Rwo.

Posted by: News2ActionDog at December 30, 2005 07:14 PM

Well written, AC. You may not be the spawn of Satan after all.

Thanks! No, I still probably am. Thanks for skepticism, though :)

Posted by: Kleinheider at December 30, 2005 08:36 PM

Re's Rust Realous Re Roesn't Rave Rany Raction Rets

You're damn right, man. Where were you all week, you fiend. I had goose egg comments all over the place. No love for the Kleinheider?

Posted by: Kleinheider at December 30, 2005 08:43 PM


Posted by: News2ActionDog at December 30, 2005 08:48 PM

meow meow hiding in the closet meow

Posted by: News2ActionCat at December 30, 2005 08:49 PM

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