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Working with others to ensure decent housing and strong communities across Scotland

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What We Do

What We Do

About us

Communities Scotland is an agency of the Scottish Executive and our role is to help deliver the policy objectives and Partnership Agreement commitments of Scottish Ministers.

We report to the Communities Ministers and work closely with them, along with colleagues in the Scottish Executive Development Department.

Our objectives mirror the Scottish Executive’s fundamental aim, which is to make Scotland a country where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a decent quality of life through affordable housing in strong and confident communities, having access to learning and employment opportunities, and living free from poverty, inequality and discrimination.

Our objectives are:

• To increase the supply of affordable housing where it is needed most.

• To improve the quality of existing houses and ensure a high quality of new build.

• To improve the quality of housing and homelessness services.

• To improve the opportunities for people living in disadvantaged communities.

• To support the social economy to deliver key services and create job opportunities.

• To use our experience of delivering housing and regeneration programmes to inform and support the development of Ministerial policies.

We have around 500 staff, working from eight locations across Scotland. Our headquarters is in Edinburgh, and this is where our Chief Executive is based.

Our operational management is directed by a Corporate Management Team, chaired by the Chief Executive, who reports to Ministers. We have a Management Board, involving our non-executive directors, which considers the agency’s high-level strategy.

We also have self-contained units such as the Scottish Centre for Regeneration and Learning Connections. In addition, a number of small teams work to ensure that business improvement, media and communications, ICT, HR, audit and performance management and business planning all operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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